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  1. Hi, im doing a shed grow i have 8 super silvas in 8 22 ltr bubble buckets with 2x600w hps, im currentley on 2 weeks flowering today. I have concerns with humidity when lights are off reaching 75-80%, i have 2x6" intake fans and 10" exhaust with a carbon filter plus a fan facing the ladys.temperatures outside the shed are close to 0 due to being winter but the temp is ok just the humidity is way to high for flowering and dont want problems in the next 6 weeks want to try nip it in the bud now! Any ideas or is a dehumidifier a definate essential for me? Cheerz
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    I'm having the same issues currently, with ~5 weeks left of flower. Running ~78 degrees/50% hum--on; and, ~60 degrees/ 85% hum--off. So far, I have gotten some Damprid (a few small and a 64oz bucket), also added a small fan to help circulate air.

    400w hps/ 6, 23 watt cfl (under canopy)
    6 plants (3 5g bucket, 3 3g bucket), scrog

    Its a jungle, can barely stick my arm through all the branches, and I'm doing everything to prevent PM--so far no signs. Also I have a small 400w convection heater that can bring the temp up by ~4 degrees w/o being on all the time at night. I am afraid I have to much canopy, but have been trimming dead leaves every day; and, will let you know how this goes over the next few days.

    Edit: This is my second grow, I had thought I went through every bad experience known (mites/wrong lights/poor ventalation/bad soil and nute combos/root bound/transplant shock...more) but never humidity/PM problems, regardless of how this grow goes, less plants more lst/trimming next time.

    Just a thought, don't think it has been addressed from all the threads I've read. What are your readings with lights on? Correct me if I'm wrong, I hope someone knoweldgeable reads this post, but bacteria needs certain conditions to grow in, along with time(generally 12-24 hours to colonize?). If my conditions less suitable during light on phase, will there be problems of such as PM by not letting the bacteria to incubate in its optimal environment (moisture being primary and heat being secondary conditions?)
  3. So, I had purchased the smaller ones, thinking they would suffice due to my small area. They didn't do much, so purchased the big guy. 2 hours later-- Lights on, Humidity is 30% and 90 degrees on my tops now-- ouch pulled couple small ones out to drop the degrees and raise the humid.

    So my thoughts, purchase the big 64 oz damprid--$10. See how it goes, the buy another or a small one and place it away from the one already placed. Better than buying a $150 dehumid and running it.

    will tell you how my night goes.
  4. So I have my mini convection heater keeping the temp at ~65, which is barely running, with humidity at ~55%. With 5 weeks left, hope the humidity doesn't spike to much more.

    Hope this helps.
  5. It is possible to get damprid in the uk?
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    Would assume so. Visit your local hardware store online, and search for calcium chloride. Either use the damprid product, or get loose calcium chloride and make a two tier system with two 2L soda bottles. Put holes into the bottom of the top chamber (small enough for the calcium to not fit through). The calcium chloride will absorb moisture from the air and dissolve into the bottom chamber. Bingo, done. Setup a few of these and watch your humidity drop.

    Remember, as humidity drops--temperature goes up. Also, seems like it takes a few days for the damprid to find equilibrium(like it needs to be activated before it works effectively). These work well enough where I do not have any humidity problems now, but heat problems. Daytime drops to 30% and almost 90 degrees, but I partly blame my 400w HPS in my 2x2x5 closet--It barely fits and no lumens seem to be wasted.
  7. See the damprid bucket would i put it in the middle of the grow room or is a corner just as effective? And what about humdry is that good?
  8. get your humidity up to 40%-50% and your temps will come down. 40-50% is fine. I have pretty well same size area and light as you and thats my issue. 30% is to dam dry.
  9. I worked it out so, with just 1 damprid in during the day, I get 82 degrees and 45%, at night though I need to throw in all of them to reach 50%, otherwise im stuck around 60-70%
  10. How many do you have overall and how many grams does yourbdamprid have?
  11. I have the 64 oz, which is seriously overkill for my size closet and a small 10.5 oz, and DampRid Easy-Fill System 10.5 oz. Any Room Moisture Absorber (which I think is the best, because it is the only one i can see with water in the bottom)

    My place is very humid, moisture on the windows every morning/throughout the day I cant seem to stop it--battle mold just about every day.

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