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  1. Hello fellow gardeners ,, this is my 1st grow and although I've been keeping an eye on my temps high n low ,, I've been adjusting accordingly ie oil radiator at night on and so on , but I've never paid much attention to my humidity levels ( eeekkk you all say ) ,, my humidity levels at highest have been 44 % and at there lowest 16% ., do I need to raise the levels up ??? Am in week 5 of flowering ,, 2 pot of gold babies in soil with 2 600 lights ,,2 ocsilating fans 1 mountable fan 1 floor fan ,, extraction fan n inlet fan ,, any advice welcomed :)

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  2. If your in flower you want to keep it low mate.. 40% would probably be fine but if you can get it lower all the better :)
  3. Nice looking ladies by the way!!
  4. Nice 1 for the advice :)
  5. No worries man.. In veg you want a high humidity and low in flower..
    Hope they turn out nice..
  6. sunglasses over your camera will take away the wavelength of light.

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