Humidity vs Tent Temp in flower

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  1. Hey guys im about 4 or 5 weeks into flower i would estimate and my tent is starting to get a bit warm which i really cant do anything about atm,the warmest i saw it was 87 i believe,but I have my dehumidifier in the tent set to 50,would I be better off putting at it like 60 instead at these hot times to help the plants stay less stressed?also the dehumidifier vent lined up with a small little open spot in tent so its not properly vented so im sure a tiny bit of the warm air its pushing out gets released into tent opposed to out of the tent where the other 80 percent goes,
    I ask this question because this will be projected to be my largest grow yet so i really want to maximize my yield and someone in a forum somewhere said that certain plants would thrive in 60 percent humidity at 85 degrees in the tent,so just wanted to see what everyone else thinks about this
  2. Its not certain plants, its Vapor Pressure Deficit, basically its how your plants transpire. How much vapor or moisure is in the air and how much the air can hold.

    Stomata can only perform optimal with optimal condtions. This means that with low humidity and high temps your plants will struggle to transpire.

    In your situation it your rh would need to sit around 55-60%, 60% to be optimal for transpiration.

    Obviously you would want to keep a keen eye all over your plants to watch for PM and such.

    Heres a link that may explain VPD better i can :

    Just 4 Growers: Global Garden Community
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  3. I never go below 60% during flower in hydro, and have never had any problems.
    Don't whether that would be true for a more microbe friendly solid medium.
    According to the VPD chart, high humidity helps protect against high temp.
    Personally I wouldn't use a dehumidifier.
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