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  1. So, I was wondering if a 14% RH is too low for a plant 4 days sprouted? I figured it was and went out and bought a 30 dollar warm mist humidifier. My grow space is 3 feet by 2 feet by five feet and i was wondering if it is dangerous to put my humidifier in that small of an area? I was also wondering if my humidifer idea would work, did i buy the wrong kind?
    example: warm mist vs. cool mist....which would be the right kind?????? any help would be awesome thanks
  2. I would say you did the best thing possible, get that humidity as high as possible.
  3. sweet thx man
  4. what would be to high for RH and what would be just right
  5. IMBO for a seedling 80% for a young plant between 60-75%, sound about right guys?
  6. Yeah, keep that RH up for the first two weeks. I had a cool mist humidifier in my closet (pic below) for the the first month or so and my plants loved it. 80% is great for now and work it down to about 50% by the end of veg. GL!

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