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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by edwardvanhalen, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. hey guys im about to harvest my plant and i need to raise the humidity in my grow box, but if i get a humidifier the mist will get all over the hanging buds right?? and does leaving a cup of water in your grow box really raise humidity , thanks
  2. If you mean to raise the humidity in your flowering, you need your humidity low around 30% at the stage your at now (just before harvest). If you have high humidity you run the risk of bud rot (not nice).
  3. Assuming you live in a very dry climate (as I do) as long as you're circulating the air along with the humidifier you should be okay. Even better would be to exhaust the cab to keep a stream of fresh air coming in and stale air going out.

    I've used a mechanical humidifier and an ultrasonic humidifier. Both work great but for drying I'd use the ultrasonic. The mist is much more fine which spreads the moisture more evenly and will be less likely to cause "wet spots." The immediate area around the exhaust of a mechanical humidifier tends to get very damp... which if you were hanging buds directly on top of... would not be such a good thing. I've kept my humidity as high as 65-almost 70% without issue. I had my exhaust fan on a timer and so it would expel some air every few hours along with an oscillating fan blowing indirectly in the cab 24/7 for circulation. (7 days total)

    Either way both will work, just keep the air flowing and avoid overly damp "hot-spots".

    Good Luck
  4. but i dont want mist gettin on my buds and i figure i cant just put the humidifier right in the grow box, do you think if i put a humidifier right outside the grow box it will raise it , thanks guys , and john i need my humidity at 45 -55 percent when i hang my buds
  5. i really need help with this cuz my bitch is almost done so i really need some more advice thanks guys , you always help me out when i need it and im glad to help you guys as well if you have some questions cuz i kinda know what im doin, im gettin there ok peace out thanks
  6. O right, i thought you wanted the humidity to rise during the last week or so before harvest.
    You are right you could do with the humidity between 40% to 50% for drying, you dont want them crisping up on the outside. If your humidity is lower then 40% i'd say a bowl of water should do the trick. Using a fan, the low humidity should evaporate the water to near 50%.
    I wouldnt us a humidifier, the moisture from it will most certainly cause mold and rot your buds.
  7. hey thanks john ill be writin that shit down man , peace and thanks again

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