Humidity Problem, Gurus needed big time to save 7 OZ

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    Hi guys, I'm still having trouble getting to optimum curing level because the humidity in my area is 80%+ (Crappy England)
    My plan and only option now I think is to turn off the lights in my grow room and stick the buds in a paper bag for an hour or two as this is the only place my humidity is low but obviously temps high, humidity will slowly creep back up in that room so I will have to keep an eye and see how much drying time I can get :/ temps will be 27 ish though and slowly dropping. My buds (7 oz+) have been sitting here in glass jars for 1 week + at 69-71%, burping is proving hopeless. I have even tried putting them on newspaper to try and tried to dry them out outside the glasses for a couple hours or so while it was midday (lowest humidity levels but still in 70s).
    I don't know what else to do.I've tried these boveda humidity packs I've had 2 in each jar for 24s and the humidity hasn't change 1% I just can't get this humidity down in the jar. I cant afford a good enough de-humidifier to dry them outside it well.

  2. We told you exactly what to do earlier. Have you done that yet, or are you just going to keep posting new topics while your buds mold?
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    If they are molding that means they are too wet. I would start by taking them out of those jars for one.
    Pretend you just cut them off the stalk and treat them as so, if they are as wet as you wouldn't cut it and throw in a  COMPLETELY FULL jar would you??
    Back to the drying racks.
    Then when they do eventually hit jars, don't completely fill the jars right away.
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    They are out right now with a oscillating fan blowing above them to keep the air moving with the door open a tad in a dark cupboard.. Humidity is 70% temp 21-23 ish, temp will drop soon to about 15 - 18c and humidity will rise to about 80%+ as evening is coming.
    I am trying them out of the jars again now for a 3rd time but this time for 12 hours instead of 2 to 4 WITH an oscillating fan blowing above. Before they were just sitting in an open room with the windows open.
    Its my climate making this a difficult task.
  5. His problem is that the RH of the room he is trying to dry/cure the buds in and outside is 70-80%.
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    First off, " this time for 12 hours instead of 2 to 4", cannabis is not a person and does not know it was left out for 2 hours or 4 hours or 24 hours. It is up to you to feel and look at the buds, to decide whether they are ready for the next stage of drying and curing. Don't look at time, look at the product.
    Second, your room temperature is too high to begin with.  Get a dehumidifier.
    You might want the room temperature a little bit warmer as well. (BUT NOT AT THE COST OF HUMIDITY, control that FIRST).
    Maybe take them out of the cupboard and leave them out.
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    They are out of the cupboard basically, the doors are open and the fan is oscillating above it right now. I cannot lower humidity this is the whole point, unless I add heat.
    I bought a £50 de-humidifer and it didnt do anything. Not enough power and I can't afford a 'suped-up' one for £200+ I already checked on amazon.
    Now you see my dilemma..
    I will jar an oz up tomorrow after 12 hours from the bunch and check the reading on my Caliber III.
    It doesn't seem possible to get it under 70% humidity when that is the air I'm dealing with outside of the cupboard.
    Just to let you know I dried for 8 days hanging on a rack to get them to 70% and now they are stuck there.
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    You are not getting it.
    ... "I cannot lower humidity this is the whole point, unless I add heat."  ->Adding Heating = ADDING humidity.
    Keep your dehumidifier running.
    WHY ON EARTH would you jar them tomorrow after 12 hours????????? :confused: !!!  ...CHECK THEM tomorrow, and SEE IF THEY ARE EVEN READY TO BE JARRED, or if they need to be kept out longer.
    I think you need to read this sticky.
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    Thanks I appreciate your advice this is the first large harvest I've had to dry in this humid enviroment. I'll leave them out as long as I needed if it doesn't change after three days I think I'll try Damprid 4 pound tub in the cupboard as  TinTizzy suggested. Good move?
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    Leave them out and keep a close eye on them. Make sure you separate / get rid of the moldy bud so it will not spread or contaminate anything else.
    Ensure you have good space between the buds, such that they are not bunched together or on top of each other.
    Monitor your humidity.
    You can try products like damprid, it may help. What you really need it Warm-Air-Flow into the room, and just as good Air-Flow-OUT of the room. This will help keep a good fresh-air-current, and more stable-humidity. 
    -When you want to jar them is when they can maintain a low-humidity, and they feel crisp on the outside. Jarring them will them bring out the moisture inside the bud, you them open the jar to allow the now "wet" feeling bud to dry. If  it gets too wet you in the jar, you left it closed too long or did not air it out enough -in this case just leave them out until they are crisp again.
    -Moving them from outside to bags helps avoid them from getting too-wet when you first put it into the jar.
    Hope you post some nug shots ;)
    Scoob.  :smoking: 
    use something more airtight like a tote with seran wrap or something on it
  12. Do you have an air conditioner? Turning my ac on drops my rh down. A lot when I'm trying to dry my buds

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  13. Unfortunately, I don't. Its never that hot here. I am leaving the buds out with an isolating above for 12 hours, Im then going to rejar 1 oz and get a reading from my hygrometer inside the jar.
    Hopefully the humidty should have lowered some what after 12 hours, If not I will leave it out longer
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    Keep in mind that hygrometers sometimes take a minimum of 24 hours to give an accurate reading.
    Just leave them out for 24 hours.  With RH at 80%, there's no way they'll get too dry in that period of time.
    You really need free air exchange, regardless of RH.  There's no way I'd have my buds contained in jars @ 70% RH. 
    I've said it before, you're taking a lot of risk with mold at that humidity in a closed system (jar).  Trust me, VOE...
  15. Seriously. Why haven't you put then in brown paper bags with paper strips in em? That's by far the best way to cure in a high humidity environment. There's no way they're gonna get too dry dude.
  16. Put those buds in the dark, no fan. Keep the dehumidifier running.
    No added heat. If you can put ALL of that in a completely sealed grow tent and leave the dehumidifier do the work from outside... You might get a surprise.

    Let nature do its work.

    Happy, as always, to be corrected :)

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  17. I guess the theme in my response is to find a small space you can control

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