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  1. Can yall reccomend a small humidity meter, that will fit in a jar. Or can i use my meter with a lead, and just stick it in the jat?

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  2. And what is the rh supposed to be for dried bud

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  3. Hygrometer*
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    I have seen growers use larger storage jars and mount a hygrometer to the top of the jar so they could look at it and tell if it had to be burped. This is great but I think the bovita humidiy packs are a better approach. Just because you monitor it doesn't mean that it's easy to change. The bovita packs will take the guess work out. Cure your bud like you usually do or maybe slightly drier and drop a 62-58% pack in the jar. It should stay at that level for months or years.

    Many people store bud at 62% but some who like it a little drier go with 58%. Those are the two most popular levels of bovita packs for long term storage.
  5. Exactly what i was looking for.

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  6. I have about 4 of these - they are magnetic and attach to the inside of the lid. I bought them online at I believe it's called caliber II. I like my weed at 65% when I seal them up.

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