Humidity low!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kdogg231, May 10, 2016.

  1. Upstairs grow and my humidity is to low even with a fan powered humidifier!! Please help it's a 8*12 ft veg room never had problems last year but it's still cold out now so not very humid air coming in either
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  2. i got you bru and spray some water your plants and are you use hps or led?

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  3. Metal halide. It's my veg room and the new clones I out in there aren't growing. Also I'm using 5 gal dwc buckets
  4. I'm having similar issues, temp in mid 80s, humidity in upper 20%s. Got a bedside humidifier and hung some wet rags as its a small dwc grow box so hoping this helps. pH 5.9 and around 450 ppm grow nutes. On day 18 and they only a couple/few inches tall so still pretty early. They look relatively good.

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  5. I've found boiling a large pot of water can get the humidity up high enough for a small humidifier to keep the humidity where It needs to be for those cold northern winters.
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  6. Hi . Defo agree . I put dishes on growroom floor and put bioling water in etc. I also do same for proagater for clones to get em started... ya Need to do this often to keep humidity up in room but does work.. ive even thought of doing a diy thing wi a steam cleaner lol. But worried incase i steam cooked my plants so not tried it yet lol...
    Good luck love xxxx

    Happy Growing
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  7. I have a temp of about 77 to 80 with humidity in the mid 40s I use a frozen water bottle to keep my Res temp down and spray foliage with Phd water when the light first turn on and as soon as they turn off.. hope this help ..... DWC 4Lyfe
  8. Also
    Using super closet grow cabinet

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