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    I am a week into flower right now and the humidity level is around 35-55% when they lights are on but about 60-78% when the are off. Are these numbers ok? I am concerned about the high level when they are off....
  2. You NEED a dehumidifier or you will get mildew/mold. Generally the rule of thumb is no where above 55% and you are generally safe. My Humidity is around 40-55% but I would like it at a steady 35-45%.
  3. I have a dehumidifier in the room that runs on/off every 2 hours. Should I add another passive intake and run the can fan 24/7 to suck out the humidity?
  4. Yup, try to keep it at a constant 40%!
  5. Thanks Dr. Green.

    Have you ever heard of Damp-Rid? It is a bag of stuff that hangs in a closet or whatever space you want and it sucks up the humidity. Thinking about trying it so i don't have to waste the electricity of running the fan for an additional 12 hours a day.
  6. I have never heard of it, but sounds interesting. Let us know how it works out.
  7. I just got some at Lowe's and the stuff is cheap. I'll use it starting tomorrow during my off cycle. Hopefully it works, I will post results.....
  8. Can't wait to see

  9. Any update on this product?
  10. Now that the temps are generally lower due to the weather, my humidity during light on is about 25-30%. Is that too low?

  11. I put 4 of the 2.5lb bags in my 2x7x7 tent and it did nothing. Use more ventilation when the lights are off.

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