Humidity levels vs. Higher temperatures

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  1. First time posting and seeking advice on humidity levels during flower. I'm 5 weeks in to my first grow and everything seems to be coming along nicely. I've set up a 8x4 tent, growing in Coco under 4 3000k. quantum boards I built. I can't seem to get my RH under 60% without use of my dehumidifier. However, when the dehumidifier is running, it pushes my temperature from 75° to high 80's. My question; At this stage of flower, is it better to keep temps stable or sacrifice higher temps for lower RH? My gut tells me to not mess with anything because plants are very healthy and developing nice buds with no issues. Would like to get other opinions.

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  2. I’d rather keep the temps lower

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  3. I keep humidity around 65% during flower in DWC with humidifiers, and have never had any problems.
  4. I would dehumidify to about 82f, then turn it off. My plants love 82 and that is optimum for the way I grow, but that is also the upper limit. At 84 the leaves will start to turn up and show signs of heat stress. Below 82 growth slows. As for humidity, hard to say for sure, but plants grow great in high humidity, but my plants quit taking up calcium at the proper rate. But I do not like to mess with a good plant because somebody posted unscientifically proven mythshit on the internet.
    But no matter what, plant health for me always comes before optimum bud.
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  5. I grow at 87-90 degrees Fahrenheit and never had a leaf curl up. It's all about air flow and humidity.

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  6. What is your rh% at those higher temps?
  7. Does it ever affect smell

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  8. Here is the question I think is is your air flow?? If its good and you don't need to "worry about" mold or bud rot then keep the temps low....if your airflow isnt the best...might wanna sacrifice temp for humidity.....just my .02
  9. I would go with higher humidity then higher temps. Any way to increase exhaust/ventilation?
  10. My rh is around 65-70%. I don't have to do alot due to being in the southern states. It's always humid until winter. I actually lucked up and found a 3.5 gallon hunter carefree humidifier for a $1.50 yesterday at a yard sale. This is my answer for winter time when the humidity drops low. A little more clean up(I've ran it to test it)and it's ready for use.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Nope

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  12. Nope

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  13. Wow! 50% off, shoulda bought a whole case of them. I hear ya, in summer even a pack of storebought smokes wont smoke, and in winter it's so dry I only take 1/8oz out of the jar at a time or it will get so brittle it rips rolling paper. I had a humidifier in my grow room, but I didn't like it blowing mist on my lights. My final solution was to stay in that 78-82 range at 50-60%rh, and that way, everybody lives in peace.
  14. This one here just pumps water through a wick screen and the fan pulls air across the screen. No mist. I've not used it yet for the room but come October/ November it'll be in place.

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  15. I'm always fighting high humidity. Typically in the 60-65% range nearly all the time.

    I have always found if you just keep air flowing, that's half the battle.

    Proper wet dry cycles is a huge part, and keeping leaves and the tips healthy, especially sugar leaves is VERY important. The only real time I ever get rot is if my sugar leaves get burnt, and the bud eventually grows around the necrotic part. The combination of dead plant material with high moisture is a sure fire way to get rot.

    Just get lots of air moving into the tent and make sure it's moving around well in there and you should be fine with a slightly higher rH than most people prefer or recommend.

    I prefer lower temps if I have to trade off one for the other.

    That's been my experience. Good luck.
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  16. Thanks for all the solid replies! My air flow is good and can't increase without buying another fan and filter or opening tent. Opening tent is not an option, these girls will light my entire house up. Putting off some of the most potent scents I've ever encountered, not going to complain about that!

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