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  1. Looking for some input regarding humidity. My tent currently has 60%rh with temps of 25c when the lights are on and 70%rh with temps of 20c with the lights off.i have a 6inch exhaust fan running full speed at all times exhasting outside with a pretty powerful 7" fan on the tent floor along with 6" clip fans on the canopy. I'm worried about bud rot and unfortunately cannot lower the humidity any lower. The actual room the tent is in rh is close to 80% and about 800sqf. My tents only a 2x4 therefore buying a dehumidifier capable of bringing down the room rh would be way overkill. I figure going too autos will help but I'm still nervous. Any opinions? Will 60-70% rh pretty much ensure bud rot? Any suggestions? Anyone regularly growing with similar rh with good results regularly? Thanks
  2. Oh too add I planned on running the lights 24h with the autos to keep the closer to 60%.
  3. I'm having humidity issues as well...... mine during lights off is much worse than that..... I know Walmart has things for Rvs that are pretty cheap to help with humidity, I might try that.
  4. I run 24 hours with my autos to make it easier to control the environment.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I tried a RV style dehumidifier which collected a fair amount of water over 2 days however it didn't lower the actual rh reading at all. Unfortunately I don't think I have enough room for the larger dehumidifier in the current tent but I might get a large one in the future. Would the dehumidifier work ok with the exhaust constantly on? For the people they are dealing with high humidity have your grows still turned out ok? Thanks again
  6. Your saying you used a dehumidifier like the one I linked and it didnt work? How humid is the air your pulling into the tent that makes no sense? I run one like in the link for my large grow and small grow space. it doesn't matter if its too big or not for space, that just means it will work faster and still shut off when the proper levels are achieved.
  7. First thing to do is double check humidity meter placement.
    If it's placed among the leaves, it will read a humidity that's higher than the humidity in the air above the plants.
    Best is to place it slightly above the canopy with good air circulation.

    According to the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart, a humidity in the 60s is preferred for a temp of 25 C, which is probably a leaf temp of about 22 C.

    I keep humidity in the mid 60s thru harvest in hydro, and have never had bud rot.

    I could be wrong, but bud rot is rare in a clean environment with good air flow.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I used the small rv style ones they are 50$ on Amazon. The room the tents located in had rh in the 80% range. Unfortunately I dont have room for a large one like you linked however I might buy a larger tent in the future so I'll get one then. Im currently more concerned with if I should bother flowering these with my current rh or just bail out and start over when I can get a larger dehumidifier. Thanks
  9. They are really not that big, the pic makes them look huge, theyre pretty small. post a pic of your tent. Im sure we could find a way to make it work. If your crafty enough mount it up high.
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    I'll post up a picture when I get home. I actually left some info out however to try not to confuse things that make it abit more complicated. I actually have 2 matching 2x4 tents going so I would probably need 2 dehumidifiers. My future plans were to go to a single 5x5 or 4x8 after my current grows finished up but if it was pretty risky running the way I am now I might just bail and start over. One tent has auto's and one has feminized plants in the 2nd week of flower already to further complicate things lol. I just don't want to waste 2 months and end up with moldy bud. Thanks again for your input.
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  11. Theres a picture of what I'm working with. The other tent is right beside with the identicle setup. It's pretty tight currently. I think I might just have to hope for the best and get a bigger tent after harvest with a dehumidifier.

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