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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smokeitdown, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Okay, so for the first 2 days my grow box was running, My humidity was at 35% most of the time, but I just got back from a night away and now my humidity is down to 20% :confused:

    I'm thinking I could be pulling too much air out too fast? I have a 6" exhaust fan and until next week, a hole at 2" for intake.

    Since getting all the bulbs I need, My temps are up to 75.. which I know is perfect for germinating and growing, but What I'm worried about is the humidity.

    I put a large cup full of water in there to try and increase humidity but so far no dice... any suggestions?
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    I am having humidity issues also. My grow area stays around 20-30%. For my germination and seedlings, I keep everything in a tray (like you get at the nursery) with a clear lid on top that fits perfect. My CFL is set about 8" above the lid so they get plenty of light. The tray is on a heat mat and I add water as needed to raise the humidity. Once they get a few sets of leaves, they are transplanted to the ebb/flow system which I hope will produce enough humidity to keep them happy.

    Another method I hear people using is placing saran wrap over your growing area to keep the moisture in.

    Hope this helps
  3. umm.. try adding two big cups of water... seriously though maybe if you put a light an inch or two above the water it will help with the humidity situation. Maybe an incandescent because it puts of more heat. Good Luck.
  4. okay so I've been searching on GC as well as online for a few hours now, and raising humidity seems to be a problem with no definite solution that isn't pricey. I've tried the wet towels, a tray of hot water, cups of water, saran wrap over my pots..... nothing works. I have a smaller grow box so a humidifier isn't really an option.

    I'm going to keep searching and trying things but ANY advice is really appreciated. I had humidity up around 34 the past 2 days but it dipped today to the low 20's for no apparent reason. I didn't change anything. I cant imagine 22% humidity being any good for making my seeds sprout.
  5. okay, so I think the humidity issue could be because of the cardboard box i just put inside the box to raise my pots yesterday, before the humidity dropped. Maybe because the cardboard is dry or something? could be stupid but I'm going to find a new way to raise the pots now.

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