humidity/heat problems need help

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  1. in my grow box i have a temperature of of 82f and humidity is at 42%. i have 2 65 watt cfl bulbs that put out 6500k each i want to know if its to much light and if the temperature and humidity good for veg stage
  2. Your temperatures are fine, as is your humidity. You'll probably never encounter 'too much light' with cfls.

    Also, 6500k isn't a measure of how much energy or light they put out, it's a measure of the color spectrum of the lightbulb.
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    Like ohspyro89 said, your temp and humidity are fine. 6500 Kelvin(K) is the color of the light. The energy is measured by Watt(W) or to be even more precise, luminous flux or Lumen(lm). you will find W and lm measurements on the package of the light bulbs.

    120W or 4000lm is decent for one plant.

    70W or 3000lm more for every extra plant.

    ps: lm/w is a third measurement that dictates how efficient your light bulbs are, but ignore that for now.

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