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humidity dome?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by JoeTheWork, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. i have 3 plants placed under a 400watt super HPS. i germinated the seeds and planted them in soil on friday. they are beginning to develop their second set of leaves. what is the best way to make a humidity dome for them. they are in 3 gallon buckets
  2. try using a 2 liter bottle.. just cut the top off and place right over the plant in the dirt.. dont put the bottle under to much dirt but u get the idea.. i actually use 2 liter bottle as a dome because the 7 inch store bought ones wouldnt keep humidity in.. great for cloning i think and cheapest way.. i try to be a DIY'er when ever possible to save money. :smoke::wave:

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  3. what he said^^^ also a clear plastic cup..

  4. LOL im a chick BTW

    and also u could even use a pretzel container? ya know the big ones u get at sams club.. clear plastic bubble type of jar? any clear plastic container would work.. u can cut it to fit ur needs... hope that helped.
  5. just listen to everything SHE says...:)

  6. lol ;)
  7. thanks guys/girls lol. for the 2 liter soda bottle, should i take the cap off and or put holes in the pastic so air can get in?
  8. u dont need to put holes in it.. just leave the cap on so humidity can build up.. what i do is once a day i take the top part of the cut bottle off for about 30 mins then back in they go and it works great for me.. i usually cut the bottle in the middle so when putting it back on u can adjust the size if needed.. i have some short ones and taller ones so it works great. and also by removing the cap u can spray the water through it so u dont have to keep takin it apart just unscrew the cap spray and replace it :wave::smoke: hope that helps
  9. I have to admit that I don't use humidity domes, so I don't know they're all that necessary.

    I like the ideas that are being passed around though, really ingenius Macgyver stuff.

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