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  1. Hi all,
    Had a few seeds pop over the weekend when I was away they are about 2 inch tall in rock wool.. and some roots coming out the bottom of the rock wool in the dome, when should I transplant or take the lid off the dome ? Have read a few things, would just like some opionons.. cheers

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  2. I would not suggest a humidity dome for seedlings - they need fresh air. What medium are you using?
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  3. Thought you might reply hah!

    They are in the rock wool for now and then move to those O2 pots with the clay balls
  4. I took the dome off mate and got a little desk fan to love some air around, cheers
  5. You're going to use hydroton in the O2 pots? How do you plant to feed?
  6. Have the air stone in the bottom of the o2 pot feed the water and nutes in to there, essentially that is the resivour, each pot as the stone res for each pot... will be doing it manually
  7. Could you post a picture or a link of the O2 pot? I looked them up and it just appeared to be a pot with irregular sides to stop root circling and holes for air pruning. I didn't see a reservoir that you could put an airstone in - unless I'm looking at the wrong thing.
  8. The O2 Pot

    And here is a pic of you have a close look half the pot is clay half is the res.

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  9. I was looking at the wrong thing. So you're doing DWC - how many do you plan on running? You'll have to hand water for awhile until the roots reach the reservoir. Don't forget to feed from the beginning.
  10. Yes mate DWC, and nope I'm feeding them the schedule from now on in.. I'm only doing 3 to start with.. see how I go.. then do a another after this run..
  11. Good luck with your grow.

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