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Humidity Dome - To Vent or Not to Vent?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by EZskanking, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    When using a humidity dome to root clones, do you recommend a vented dome or sealed dome? I've heard a lot of people using a sealed dome that they mist (plant and dome) and then they open the dome once or twice a day to introduce new air. Then I've also seen a lot of the domes you can buy come with vent slots/holes already cut. What do you guys recommend on this? Which is better?

    Also - should there be a 24 hour dark period after planting clones in rooting medium before putting light on them, or should they get light right away? This seems to be another one that opionions differ on.

    Any help is appreciated. Thx.
  2. I myself use sealed domes and let them air out for about a minute each day. I also like to leave them in a bit of dark at first and when I start to introduce light to them I keep the light further away and slowly move it closer as the days progress!
  3. leaving it self contained when you have moisture (humidity in air) and light, and no air flow, your gonna get mold cobweb mold or algy on your cubes.
  4. I like the vented dome as it seems to be a bit better preventing stem rot. But I root my clones in a small bubbler with rapid rooter plugs inside 2" net pots so keeping the humidity up is never a problem. I want to see condensation on the inside of the dome for the first week at least. I run the bubbler on a timer so the rooter plugs are never saturated, but I don't let them dry out either. If they start getting lighter in color I increase the bubble time a bit each cycle. The same setup can be used with 2" neoprene collars instead of the net pots if you want to aero clone with no medium.
    The only darkness I give my cuttings is whatever they get after being taken, them I'm on 18/6 with a CFL. The dome forces you to keep the light far enough away.
    Clones are funny. When everything is right you don't need rooting gel, heat mats, domes or anything. When they want to be a little bitch, you have to do everything just right.

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