humidity dome questions with seedlings

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  1. I planted 4 fruity chronic juice seeds 3 days ago. They sprouted and their second set of leaves formed today. Im using a 400 watt super HPS. Whats the best way to make a humidity dome? the theremoter in the grow room says 50% humidity. Anyone who has knowledge or willing to make suggestions feel free. thanks
  2. A 2 litre soda bottle with the top cut off and flipped upside down works pretty good. Make sure to cut a few holes for ventilation.
  3. alright thanks man. im taking the tops of the soda bottles. should i leave the cap on, or remove it for better ventilation?
  4. Sorry. Don't use the top. Use the bottom of the bottle. I guess either would work though.
  5. thanks man, what distance should the 400 watt HPS be from the seedling?

  6. Don't use HPS until getting ready to flower. You'd be much better off using CFLs for the Veg phase. If HPS is all you have, try and keep the light atleast 2.5 feet away from your babies. Basically, the rule of thimb is if you can feel the heat when you place your hand where the top of the plant is then your light should be moved a distance further, But do what you can to get the proper lighting for growing. A nice T-5 does wonders for vegging. Your babies will bush out nicely and produce many bud sites.
  7. also watch out for damping off. vents will help
  8. whats damping off?

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