HUMIDITY CONTROL or How to adjust C.A.P. AIR-2 to have capability of C.A.P.HUM-1

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    I'll tell you how to adjust this controller so it can operate with humidifier (Originally this controller is design to operate with dehumidifier only.
    Lets be honest most of us are running in to problem of low humidity ,we all (most of us) trying to find ways to increase humidity levels in our grow tens(rooms) and keep that level of humidity on a certain level.
    The original(with out adjustments) C.A.P. AIR-2 is not capable to control humidity levels in a low humidity environment especially when your grow room humidity must be higher than surrounding environment...
    I have to guess they made it that way on purpose ($$$) , so they can sell you C.A.P. HUM-1 which has capability of running humidifier and dehumidifier from one unit BUT no temperature control (greedy mofos), they charge $100 and up for HUM-1. So for you to control air temperature and humidity level at the same time (and also independently ) you have to have both units AIR-2 and HUM-1 -over $200 worth of money... Well of cos if your grow room is located in the high humidity area then you can simply use AIR-2 by itself , but how many places do we know with constant humidity levels higher than 50%?....
    Here is the way to save yourself from wasting $100(even if you go with HUM-1 and some cheap temp controller ,you will end up spending at least $160..+ shipping..) and to have exactly what you need .
    The whole process is so simple so anyone can do it with in less than 60 seconds,all you need is just a screw driver(flat) .
    Just remember: as soon as you open that device you'll void your warranty.
    Ok ,enough talk lets start.

    1) Make sure that AIR-2 is not plugged in to the power outlet .

    2) Double check that AIR-2 is not plugged in to the power outlet,DO IT!

    3) Remove 2 mylar (silver) decals from each side .(congratulation, your warranty is gone ;))

    4) By using the screw driver unscrew four big plastic bolts in each corner (to open the face plate)

    5) Carefully lift the right side of the face plate and look inside .

    6)Inside, next to the bottom left corner of the tray(back panel) you'll see a clear plastic box with 4 wires attached to it (2 red,1-black and 1-white) If you look closer ,next to the 8 metal pins on that clear box you'll see some numbers (1,2,3...)

    7)Take the RED wire from pin #4 and move it to pin#1.

    8)Take the BLACK wire from pin #5 and move it to pin #6

    Done! Congratulations you just saved your self over $100...

    So ,from now on your AIR-2 will combine capability of two devices.It will turn on your cooling fan when temp go up and shut it down when desire level is reached (same as original, no changes there) and it will turn on your HUMIDIFIER when humidity level is low and shut it down when humidity level gets above the set point ,and again it will turn it back on as soon as it detects decrease of humidity
    It takes approximately 10 min (no fan , natural air circulation) for AIR-2 to react on rapid humidity level changes (sensor is located inside and it takes up to 10 min for the humidity to increase/decrease inside of the box) So Humidity level with in that time period can be +20%/-20% from the set point . To decrease humidity and temperature sensing time, point one of the fans directly to the AIR-2 intake holes (4 holes on the top and 4 on the bottom), reading and reaction(action..)time will be only few seconds..

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  2. whao!!! nice man.. wish i could have helped you... this is way cool.. i looked for a while on how to do this... sweet job... put a link in your sig... this is a way cool mod
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    Thank you Sir.
  4. Thank you for that good sr. I have been needing that and you just solved my ? On how to do that
  5. how did you ever learn this?;)
  6. props man, that is way cool.
    Sorry if this is a simple question, i saw that when temps are low it will turn on your cooling fan (way cool) But is it a humidifier by itself? what do you do to raise the humidity. :D
  7. use a humidifier... like for a baby's room
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    There are 2 power outlets on that device, one is for your ventilation/cooling(inline fan), 2nd one is for dehumidifier (humidifier if you do adjustments listed above).All you have to do is to plug your inline fan(or any cooling device) and humidifier in to the CAP AIR-2,set the temp and humidity levels by turning the knobs on the device and let is roll... So when it's get hot device will turn on your inline fan and will remove all hot air and pull fresh cooler air in to the grow area until temperature level gets to the set point and then it will shut that inline fan off. Also when humidity level drops below set point that device will activate your humidifier(only if you do adjustments listed above) and will shut it down when humidity level reach specific set point. So temperature and humidity levels will always stay on specific level(+/- few degrees and/or %).
  9. Does this modification apply to the C.A.P. AIR-3 and 4 models?
  10. Cool man, This can become useful to many people ballsy enough to try it out.
  11. I do not know I have too look inside to figure out. If you willing to sacrifice your warranty and take some pictures of the insides and post them in here then we might be able to find out. :wave:
    P.S. I think AIR-4 has a bigger chance on positive outcome.
  12. Hey thanks for the reply. I do not currently have one. I was thinking about getting one and was curious if can make that same mod. I have come across some lower cost individual temp and humidity controllers so I think I may just go with them.
  13. very nice mod! +rep
  14. the way i raise my humidity,,,,

    i run a crock pot,,,,,for a couple hours,, then off for some time,, and back on..{ timer very important}

    a crockpot will give you all the humidity you want,,,,,

    a little heat,, but not much,,,,
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    The only problem with your method is that you can not have humidity on the specific level, no control.
    But I am sure many people might find it useful.
    With AIR-2 you set humidity to 45% and it will be at 45% (+/-), total control....
  16. High. Good thread. I have a hydro farm temp/humidity controller and have the same problem. There is two plug in spaces that have "turned off by humidity/temp rise" and one plug in space for "activated by temp/humidity rise. And one for circulation fan that always runs. I have both exhaust and the humidifier plugged up to the "turned off by..." plug ins at the moment. The humidifier was in the other plug but only turned on at night when the lights went off and the humidity would rise to 99% but dropped to a steady 40% while the lights are on. Maybe the change will help. Any suggestions???
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    The Black box is the switch for the humidity, it has 2 wires yellow and red. The other pic shows the where the yellow wire goes which sits on post #7 and the red wire sits on post 6. The only available posts are 1 and 2. at least on that little box, the other little box in the background has more posts open also.

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  18. I got your message . I am glad that you figured out . Please create CAP AIR-4 DIY thread and post link to it in your signature ,so others can learn from you . Congrats on overcoming the problem .
  19. I am sorry, I meant I figured out how to post pictures. So I haven't figured the actual humidity switch for a humidifier. So Im hoping you can still help me.
  20. :) I'll look at it tomorrow and let you know .

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