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  1. Anyone have any tips or anything to keeping a stable temp/humidity. My temp is steady around low 80's and I know this is not good, I have a dan in my grow box... And still can't get it to drop, I'm even using CFL's which are giving off very little heat.

    Also need to reduce my humidity a little more, maybe I need better ventilation? This is not a closet grow but I have no ability to vent other than open the door. ( grow is being done in a wardrobe ) can supply pics if needed, have pics in the grow journal section as well.

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  2. Low 80s isnt that bad. But yeah ventilation is the only thing that's going to cool off a wardrobe grow.

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    Install a PC fan or 2 in the rear at the top of the grow chamber blowing out, and cut a hole or 2 in the bottom rear for passive intake.
  4. Thanks guys, that's what I was thinking to do, but figured it didn't hurt to ask other opinions... Thanks from the newbie.

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