Humidity and mildew

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  1. I need help

    I found my plants to be covered with powdered mildew and ver high humidity levels in my tent
    I sprayed them with pm solution and will be bringing two more fans tomorrow.
    What else can I do to address the humidity and the mildew. I am going to 4th week of flowering and can't loose my crop.

    I would be grateful for your help.
  2. Sulfur burners kill PM dead and fast and is safe for your plants, it stinks though. You need to address the root of the issue though and work on your ventilation system. Bad ventilation and humidity usually means your running to hot also.
  3. I told you dude spray them an hour before lights on with a milk to water ratio of 1:9. Do it everyother day for like 3 times. Also clear out the extra thick leaves and get a fan blowing on them
  4. What is sulfur burner though?

    I hear you smoke. I only have 2 small fans in the tent. Always thought it was enough. I will get more today. I just want to kill it fast. I saw backing soda and water does the trick as well but howdy I battle the humidity
  5. You need more than just fans blowing on the plants. You need a good intake bringing fresh air in and a good exhaust taking stale old air out
  6. Sulfur vaporizer is probably a better term. I can't watch this video cause I'm at work but it looks like it explains what's going on. Sulfur pots are a very valuable tool as preventative and reactive. They essentially cover every inch of your room in a sulfur vapor that slightly changes the surface PH to which kills mold and keeps it from spreading. You can use it up to about a week before harvest. As long as you do it in the dark cycle then it's completely safe, but your whole house will stink like sulfur while it burns.
  7. Smokentoke - I did the milk solution last night.
    My question is how often do you spray with it and what is the technique you use to do that?

  8. I always hear people say 50+ rh will cause PM on your plants, but all it comes down to is air flow.

    My humidity in flower is around 50-62%, but i have two osculating fans and a 440cfm fan and i dont have issues.

    OP, since you are already dealing with the PM, to prevent it, more fans and put some plates of white rice in there to suck up some humidity.
  9. Do it about threetimes * total giving 1 to 2 days in between each spray just go in down low sprayed the bottoms underneath of the leaves and then I do a mist above all of them and let it settle on them
  10. How do you make sure that you absolutley touch all plants in your room. I have dozen of plants that somewhat crouded. You just spray good amount, hoping to get everything.

    Seems that I will have to do this on a contenuos basis, so I wonder on the strategy.
    Thank you again

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