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  1. Im tempted to put my humidifier in with my hlg led but im afraid that the mist will fuck the light up because its so small 3x3. I have one of those vicks cool mist ones that shoots mist up. what do you guys think
  2. I like to have my intake vent next to my humidifier outside of the tent
  3. i put my humidifiers in with my lights. np there for me. although Samsung's new chip with the sulfurization thingy was meant to improve corrosion via water resistance, so idk.
    anyhow, I've not run into problems.
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  4. Thats where its at now im just tried of always almost kicking it over
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    I have humidifier in 3x3, If it has a nozzle you can direct it from, i have mine shooting vapor near small sidepole fan aimed above top of plant/cooltube but the vapor is mostly pushed from the small fan in to a larger side boxfan that oscilates.. i've had it near max without it causing visible moist spots on plants... It helps with temps for sure. Just make sure your plants can breath under 80% RH..

    I also have timer on it so it roughly goes on when my lights do, otherwise the RH goes out of hand with lights off temperature.
  6. okay, thanks
  7. I have mine on plant hangers attached to the ceiling, and blowing thru one of the upper tent openings.
    I've tried all sorts of different setups, and this works the best.
    The mist stays away from the canopy, and is quickly dispersed by fans.
    This is the best top fill ultrasonic I've been able to find.
    I removed the center mist disperser, and replaced it with a right angle tube from Lowes.
  8. Vicks cool mist put out a ton of mist fast and dont last long. I use them when my kids are sick. I don't see this being a good humidifier for a grow. Theres no control to set the humidity level. It's all out or nothing.

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