Humidifier help! Should I buy one ?

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  1. What do you guys think ? What kind should I get? I'm afraid they if I get one too big it will cause powdery mildew. My humidity is only 20%. I want to raise it but I don't want to shock or kill my plants.

    What should I do? Is there Anything I can do to help raise the humidity a little without buying a humidifier ?
  2. get a cool mist not an evaporative one...I've never had pm in 10 yrs just have lots of airflow and dont let it get above're gonna want it for drying too
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  3. Your local shopping center (walmart/target) has these travel humidifiers that you just sit in a cup. Cool mist and lasts for a few hours. Might be worth looking into.

    I have had a bigger evaporative humidifier in my tent and it flooded and caused a big mess (not catastrophic). It also raised the temps something fierce. The smaller one works well but only lasts for a few hours and leaves a fine mist on any surrounding objects, it can also lower the temp which may or may not help.

    If you aren't interested in a humidifier try putting some damp paper towels in a few solo cups or if you have a smaller grow tent; wet a towel with warm water, strain it enough to where it is damp, and hang it above a drip tray. Again, if you have a grow tent or enclosed space, buy a spray bottle and put it on the finest setting and mist the area manually keeping in mind any extraction fan you have is going to do its job. If your temps are on the low side you maybe could try raising them a tad as warmer air will hold more water but at that point you are substituting one problem for another.

    Good luck!
  4. My room is 15ft X 15ft. So I'm wondering if I need a big one ?
  5. 20% is very low for veg stage. I found some strains that don't do well at all below 50%. Low humidity is rarely an issue where I live but I did end up buying a Honeywell cool mist humidifier with a uv light to kill bacteria etc for the odd times I needed it. My rooms are 12'x15' and it increased humidity marginally. I assume the exhaust fans pulled most of it out. I do now use it in my clone/early veg room when required and it adds about 10% to the relative humidity there

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