Humid in drying room

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  1. I chopped a couple plants and have them hanging in the drying room.

    The temp is 73-75

    And the humidity is 65-68% i know this is to high. Will this really make the bus moldy at this rate? And how can i get humidity levels down? I have a fan in the room.

  2. dehumidifier
  3. Yes you can easily get mold at those levels. Easy solution... type in dehumidifier.
  4. I am afraid I am going to be in the same boat when it comes time, as it is very humid where I am at.

    If you have the money, invest in a good dehumidifier. If I didnt have the money, I would look into making my own version of an ona bucket with some type of dehumidifying crystals.

    Keep air movement up, it may help lower the humidity some, but I have read you dont want fans blowing straight on the bud either.
  5. Do you have actual ventilation -- moving fresh air in and old air out -- or are you just moving the same air around in an enclosed space? You want actual ventilation.

    Cheap ways to lower humidity: Damp-Rid available at Home Depot etc, also hang some uncooked boil-in-bag rice.
  6. got the dehumidifier and the levels have already changed.. :hello:


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  7. what kind of dehumidifier did you go with if you dont mind me asking? Some of those things seem to run quite a bit of $, and I worry that the smaller ones wont do the job.

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