Humbolt CH9 - Usain HumBolt 300w LED

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  1. Once you hit flower it's really going to smell... Better close up every hole you can find. Bunch up some rags and staple it to the inside to make a seal. other then that the plants are looking good :) How old is the tiny one on the right? Or is that the one you were talking about? If its the same age I'm guessing it's stunted. Oh well the big one looks great so far.
  2. Thanks man! Do you think Id be OK if i have the carbon filter in the same room or does it need to be inside of the grow area? right now it is resting right on top of the shelf. i drilled some holes throw the wood on top and it looks like the suction is good enough pull the mylar seal back towards it. I can always cut a 4" diamter hole and slot the filter inside. The entire grow room is probably 16ft x 4ft x 10ft. my fan is 172cfm i believe.
  3. Inside is the only place it should be. May I ask why did you move it to a less stealthy place?
  4. dude, you should be scrogging. look into it. You don't want them to stretch any more than necessary, you want to have an even plane of bud sites and your even plane of light (led panel) as close as possible. Tall plants are fine under the sun or under banks of 1000 watters but not with limited light source.

    LST at least!

    My Humboldt stretched quite a bit, so be careful not to overshoot your limitations if you don't train her somehow.
  5. I second the lst. Looks good, but really thick.
  6. Cool stuff man, I also got a 5 finger discount on a fem ch9 humbolt, came with my barneys blue cheese :D. . anyways definitely going to follow along on this one.. once I get it going I'm gonna veg under 400 mh then flower under 400 hps.. heres to a good harvest

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