Humboldts Gravity

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by TheGreenMan24, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I was so excited to go to my grow store today and buy some gravity. A homie gave me a little bit a while ago and wow I was amazed at what this stuff does. Anyways I go in and ask the guy and he tells me they no longer make that product. I asked if they replaced it with something and he said its called the g10, he was ragging on it quit a lot so I passed it up. He was saying that they dont exactly tell you what it does and instead say give it to your plants and you tell us what it does. I was kinda like ????
    So I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the g10 and what kind of results you got, and if you used their old gravity how similar are the results? I was also wondering if the humboldts purple maxx and snow cap will do the same thing as their old flower hardner or pretty close to it?
    Thanks for any feedback!

  2. Tried just the same as gravity. Purple for purpling up and snowstorm is to add some frost. As far as what's inside it i really don't know but bit works. Just make sure to flush accordingly and u won't care what's in it.

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