HumboldtCountyGlass Glass Hot Knives + 14mm Bong Straw Review

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    After seeing a thread about the glass hot knives on grasscity, i decided that i would purchase some because they looked really cool and the concept was pretty ingenious.For the past couple of weeks i've been debating on wether to get a vapor dome/vapor globe/vapor skillet and when i saw the glass hot knife it seemed like it would be a good start. While viewing HumboldtCountyGlass's products i noticed there were not any color cupped bong straws, so me and the owner conversed and she made me a custom order for a really good price. I just bought them today and now i'm waiting for them in the mail. She was nice enough to send me a display a picture of the order..which is below. Upon receiving the bong straw and the regular hot knife i will write a full review. :wave: thanks for reading btw..mention my username if you buy anything from humboldt glass in the future. :p

    All this is made possible by the ever amazing ETSY.

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    another pic from the order.

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  3. how does this work? does the piece with the glass on glass fitting have a hole on the side and you heat up the round ended piece and put it into the divot? whats the third piece for? I've never seen or heard of these but i have heard or hot knives.
  4. Make A Video :smoking:
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  6. the gong part has a hole at the end of the paddle, leading into the gong. you put your concentrate in there. you heat the part with a ball on the end with a torch, and touch it to your concentrate while you inhale and it gets sucked through the hole. you heat the paddle and put it over the top for vaporization.
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    Well i purchased.. hot knife 14mm bong straw which is basically an attachment and a regular hot knife.

    "To use, place the bong straw and rod in a flame such as a propane torch or gas stove burner, or you can place them directly on an electric stove burner. Once they are hot, place the bong straw in the downstem of your water pipe, place the smoking substance on the straw paddle, suck, and grind with the rod.
    While the paddle end of the bong straw is red hot, the other end will still be cool to the touch.
    You can also heat the rod on the stove to vaporize bowls.
    It is not recommended to use a magnifying glass & sunlight to vaporize the smoking substance with a bong straw, but it works amazingly well when using a regular hot knife straw.
    They are heavy duty and will last."-HumboldtCountryGlass

    I just purchased them today and i am still waiting for it in the mail, when it arrives i will write a full review with details and features.

    btw both can be heated with a butane torch..or a magnifying glass :D

    i will try to make a video if i ever have the time/access to equipment.

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  10. Just got mine in the mail today, but i still need to go out and purchase a butane torch from the hardware store and some honey from my dude. but after that full review will be posted..sorry for the wait guys

    btw found this video..hope you guys like it.

    [ame=]YouTube - humbolt county glass bong straw[/ame]
  11. ha, I was looking at those very pieces on their shop the other day. I was curious about them, glad someone bought them. Pretty cool setup, I might look into them. Are they worth it for dry sift hashes? Because BHO doesn't really come through here and I probably won't buy a butane setup anytime soon either.

  12. Thanks,i believe they are worth it for the sole fact of how extremely low priced it was, i haven't had any experience with vapor globe/vapor skillet so i cant say anything about them except for their prices. The design however i feel would waste some of the vapor but the video shows him not wasting anything because of the suction through the hole.When i was talking the owner of the company she told me of other ways for it to reach the target temp(changes the yellow in the glass to red) you can use a stove top or even the sun through a magnifying glass. but im just waiting on butane torch and butane because it seem more convenient,after i get my setup i will upload a thorough review.

    Here are some pics of the glass on glass bewteen the 14mm bong straw and my mini hvy beaker.
    the glass rod
    the glass rod heated up(Red)
    close ups of the bong straw and its hole.

    btw thanks everyone for being patient and waiting.

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  13. Nice pieces man, i need to pick up a set.

    hahaha ditto. You used'ta not give a FUCK about discretion! hahaha

  14. is it just me, or does that look like a really annoying way too smoke? Like its cool and all, looks like its way too much trouble though.
  15. Great review. I've tried them and I'm not a huge fan but to each his own. Variety is the spice of life as they say, and different strokes for different folks.

  16. haha thanks, while reading your last line i could defiantly hear the theme song for that show..before arnold went all crazy...

  17. isnt the main advantage that its a cheap way to hot knife through a bong?

  18. not exactly, everyone has metal knives in their house and they could probably just hot knife and put it up against their diffuser.
    This is cheaper than other methods of vaporizing hash, and its easier then heating up two metal blades and putting them over your diffuser.
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  20. I agree.

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