Humboldt seeds - Bubba's Gift & Zoe seeds - critical 3.0

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  1. Hello all,
    I got this 2 seeds by a present:
    Humboldt seeds - bubba's Gift
    Zoe seeds - critical 3.0

    Because this type of seeds are a combination of 2 different types i cannot find many information about those seeds,
    If someone can give me some information or even you get a photos of growing this type i would like to see.
    * Are those 2 types can grow together??

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  2. I just ordered the Bubba’s Gift for my next grow, but that won’t be for another 2-3 months. My tent is currently full.
    You’ll have to keep me updated if you decide to grow it.

    You can probably get away with growing both at the same time there both Indicas.
  3. Haha so am i, i allready got my white widow now growing. But my next growth will be this two
  4. Bubbas Gift is flat out amazing! One of my fa 20190508_190002.jpg 20190515_001801.jpg 20190515_014758.jpg 20190515_014813.jpg 20190515_021531.jpg vs. Always gets dark purple,almost black. Super sugar coated also. Very potent smoke. Some of the best I've ever tried,top 5 easily.

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