Humboldt hemp wicks.

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  1. I went to get a sample of this and the people are very friendly and they reply fast, they even sent me a little extra,I would deffinetly recommend these people,and no I'm not paid nobody ask me to do this, I'm just sharing the wealth google it for samples
  2. Agreed and if you send en this link you'll get more free, they're super good wicks
  3. I've heard good things ,ill post back when they arrive and give a review in this thread
  4. i got a free sample and bought 20ft for $3 shipped.. i like it.. sometimes i forget to blow it out and almost start shit on fire when I'm really stoned.. but that's user error ha!..

    But now that I found a video on youtube that shows you how easy it is to make your very own hemp wick.. i will be saving me a chunk of change and just be making my own.. now i know you are thinking "but its only $3".. but for 200ft ball of hemp wick its like $20 dollars.. for $25 dollars i could easily make 1200ft of my own hemp wick...$5 - 400ft Natural Hemp $2per oz of beeswax...
  5. [​IMG]

    :wave: I recently got the pleasure to review Humboldt Hemp Wicks and one of the Quik Wicks dispensers and I can't say anything bad about the quality of their products. Their customer service was beyond what I had expected and was really impressed with how responsive they were.


    Humboldt Hemp Wick Review
    At first glance, you don't even need to be an expert on wicks to tell that this is a very high quality product. The wick itself is flawless. There are no loose strands on this wick whatsoever. As you can tell, the wick possesses this straw like color unlike Beeline or Ital which made it stand out. I was also impressed by how Humboldt wicks can hold their posture. It's thin but not flimsy. Upon lighting, I was very impressed. The wicks were thin enough to take the flame quickly and can be easily extinguished with a swift flick. Relighting it is a breeze too. I've also found that It has a more controlled burn, despite of how easily it can be lit. I personally like the fine flame for everyday pipe uses because its such a small flame that you can zero into what you want to burn. Fine flame comes in very handy when you're toking with others because of this control. Taste wise, it gives off little to no taste. Unlike lighting with butane, sparking with Humboldt hemp wick really does improve the taste of your bud. I've also noticed that my hits have been cooler in temperature compared to sparking with a lighter. Humboldt is 100% organic and is better than sparking with butane by a space load. With that said, I HIGHly ;) recommend this to anyone who smokes on the regular. You get the full taste of your bud and it's healthier for you :smoke:


    Quik Wicks glass/metal top wick Dispenser Review
    Want your hemp wick on the go? Definitely check out the hemp wick dispensers they have at Quik Wicks. Thanks to Mike from Quik Wicks, I now have a hand blown glass hemp wick dispenser with the metal top. It holds about 15-20ft of wick and is perfect on the go. The first impression it had on me was that it was cute. It's very small and can easily fit in your pocket and the best thing about it is that it keeps your wick lint free! The dispenser is also textured with green bumps for eye appeal but also serves as a grip. The one thing I do have a problem with is that the whole isn't big enough for the full flame. Fixable, but it did scrape the wax of the wick. Other than that, I love this dispenser and if you're a seasoned toker, this is a MUST HAVE.

    You can get even get a free sample of Humboldt Wicks at their website<--

    Humboldt and Quik Wicks have one of the best customer services ever.

    For more pictures and videos, please visit my websites. :smoke:
  6. I've been meaning to try out hemp wick, thanks for the reminder OP. Also, nice review Flipnotiq. Very helpful, thank you. Anyway, I just ordered their 20ft fine flame hemp wick, can't wait to try it.

  7. :) awe, I'm happy to help!

    I wish I had more things to review!
  8. Humbolt hempwick is the best :)
  9. Man, they were supposed to send me one of their samples, but it never got here. :( I was kinda bummed about that. I'll probably just order some online. From the pics it looks like some really nice quality wick.

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