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    I Have been searching for ages, trying to see if anyone has posted their results with this product.

    I finally got the extra money to go the the hydro store to pick it up and now i want to see how others use this product.

    Do you use it as a foliar spray? or in the res along with your regular nutrient regimen.

    Do you cut your nute strength?

    Any info would be great. Thanks
  2. Never heard of it.... wanna send me an ounce and I'll test it with ya? :p
  3. i am using purple max which is basically the same thing.

    i cut nutes by 1/3rd and foliar spray twice every other day. once with solution, then again a couple of hours later with plain water to 'wash' the stuff off.

    i have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference with foliar feeding versus putting it in my rez.

    imo, foliar is the way to go. more economical too....but i still put some in my rez :eek:
  4. thanks for the advice.

    Anyone else with experience?
  5. Experimenting with it now...will let you know.
  6. sounds good man, let me know
  7. i am loving the SSU. i did as the brochure said, and i added it to my mix right after i transfered my clones from Jiffy Pucks to 1/2 gal pots. 2-3 days later, BAM! explosive root development blasting out the bottom of the pots. i just gave my girls their first dose of it for flower. this is what they looked like 3 hrs later. just happy as shit. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this product. only use 2.5ml/gal for roots. can be used in aero cloners right when roots first appear.


    i hope this info helps out.
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    purple max and snow storm are not the same. purple will get your shit purple if it has the genetics in it however, snow storm ultra, puts an extremely thick coat of trichomes almost immediately on your buds by increasing oil production with soluble potash, K20 as you found was the main ingredient in your product. i prefer the snow storm ultra compared with purple max, because the amount of frost makes people think it's the best weed in the world!!!

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  10. bump...... im thinking about getting this too
  11. Conversation on them

    Hype, save your money for better stuff :smoke:
  12. But they give away free samples. I got one of the snowstorm ultra. It says use right up til harvest...(and what about preharvest flush?)
  13. just bought some SSU also, interested in some reviews and how to use it with a soil grow
  14. Follow the amount to use and add there Gravity product the last month to add more density.

    the denser the bud the easier to trim too
  15. i used SSU and had amazing results in just a couple of days. check my sig out for my first grow and you can see how well it did. didnt have the product until my 6th week and only used until 10 days before harvest. worth the $13 bucks.

    Also purple max does work well and have some friends that swear by it with certain genetics. its not for a non purple genetic plant and that i am sure of. also is a bud hardener but not as much as the gravity,.
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    I've used the whole line of products,and shit works.gravity def helps with density then again it also says molasses could work just as well.Bushmaster most def works had some plants I was flowerin and was afraid of strechin because i didn't have alot of vert space and plants streched bout 2inches thats it.I tried purple max on purp varieties and non purp,and really could'nt tell the difference between the used and the control,SSU you should see a dif in 24-72 hours.But follow directions the first time I used the gravity and didn't raise my lights next day they where crispy.I would use at half strength and apply multiple times. Never thought about foliar.
  17. I just picked up some ssu and some gravity... here is my plan:

    I am currently in the beginning of my 2nd week of flower. I am growing purple kush which is supposed to mature within 50-60 days of 12/12. so i figure i have 7 weeks left. soil grow. ro water. botanicare nutes. LST. 400w hps.
    I only feed every other watering. water usually 1/2 gallon per plant every 2 days. so i feed about every 4 days.

    the following only applies during feeding:

    in the last 6 weeks of flower:
    Week 6: 1ml/gal ssu, nutes
    Week 5: 2ml/gal ssu, nutes
    Week 4: 2ml/gal ssu, nutes

    in the last 3 weeks of flower:
    week 3: 1ml/gal gravity, 2ml ssu, 1/3 str nutes
    week 2: 2ml/gal gravity, 2ml ssu, 1/3 str nutes
    week 1 (week before harvest): 1ml/gal gravity, no nutes

    im also thinking about foliar feeding ssu, i hear that works well!

    let me know what you guys think... any suggestions?? i will post pics of my progress
  18. let me say something to everyone please. you can not say with any certainty that these products either work or do not work unless you do a controlled experiment. with that being said, there has to be a placebo involved. even you shouldn't know which bottle contains the placebo. and you can not post results until the product is cured...and smoked. if application of these products helps your plants tremendously and immediately, then that just leads me to believe that your plants are somewhat lacking in receiving a complete diet. there products are finishers, and the finished product is what counts. just like body building products. if all of a sudden you start putting on weight or muscle by using a product, chances are you are lacking protein or calories in general in the first place.
    Now, I actually have a test going. a placebo is involved. some get regular nutes. some nutes and placebo. and some snow storm ultra and gravity. there is no way in hell i'm spraying anything on my buds however. i use a drain to waste system. about 3 weeks to go at the most. the bottle says do not mix with nutes, therefore i use it every other day, alternating between nutes and water every other day. i will keep you all informed. gravity does work, and it's a complicated explanation how it affects yields. the results wont be ready for a month or so. it does help yields from a certain point of view, depending on why you're using the product in the first place. example....overcrowding...are you trying to keep more smaller ones in the garden and trying to keep them from growing too tightly? then use less plants! there's alot to this, and i will post all results when all products are FINISHED. 100%.
  19. Well thought response. Snow storm, gravity, purple maxx, etc are all formulated by a bunch of dudes who have grown weed for years... with that said, it is safe to say that to some extent these products work. It is also safe to say that these guys want to sell their products, so a little "advertizing fluff" is expected.

    I wouldn't use SSU on a crystally strain like Sugar Haze, but on a low crystal Big Bud it would be worth the effort. Inversely, there is no reason to use Gravity on the Big Bud because it's alsready dense and big, but the Sugar Haze could use some hardener to thicken it up a bit.

    I avoid gravity on my Rhinos because they get so dense they mold every time (with adequate ventilation too). Different sups for different strains.

    A controlled placebo experiment is the best way to determine what works best, but you have to use pairs of multiple strains to do the experiment correctly.
  20. Trying to post some picks, but I love it and use it religously. Starting in veg and stop before flushing. Not only does it make everything nice and frosty, Ive found that it seems to stacks the buds a little closer together and fills in the bare spots. So instead of spotty bud growth up and down, its pretty much completely filled in and you really cant see any stem. When using it with either/both bushmaster or gravity, you definitely need to reduce the amount of nutes. They recommend nothing but either of those 2 together, but I dont follow that. You'll need to find your own mix. I dont like telling people to do what I do on the chance they may really screw something up and get pissed at me. All in all, its a must have.

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