Humboldt County scene

Discussion in 'General' started by Jazzman, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I got into College of the Redwoods. Its beautiful up there. I live on the east coast now. I'm sure theres some locals on here that go to HSU or College of the Redwwods. Just have a few questions hopefully you can take the time to answer.

    Music is HUGE in my life right now. Where I live electronic music is pretty big. I go to as many raves as possable. Hows the electronic music up in Humboldt County? Do people know dubstep and are there any local live shows? Hows the acid up in the redwoods? I'm into pretty lights and bassnectar.

    Hopefully I can get someone living up in arcata to answer this for me. :)

    Also if electronic music isnt to big whats the big live music played up there?

    Just deciding if i should go to the west coast and live in the woods, or stick to the east coast and rave. hopefully if i get the answer where humboldt has the best of both

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