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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Canadian, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Fuck..i cant write well right freaking depressed. When do people treat this world in human views and thoughts? do humans base the galaxy existance and materialstic make-up in humans views? The galaxys has been around a lot longer then humans, why do we hinder ourselves to what we think cannot possiably happen. Human views on the galaxy, gravity, elements..are all viewed through in human experence. WHy is everytihng we know based on what humans have seen and "proven" in there Intellectual ways? Tho we only uses these becuz they make us realize the things as we see them....but you gotta think deeper...are human views correct? is that why animals think the way they do......we...are not an advance ur scientist say, we only use 10% of our that becuz we only use parts of our brains at certian times? how do humans know this? trial failure? but how do we know that this process is leading us into the right way? Is there even a right way? Questions as we ask them are staking.....becoming to advance, humans are becoming smarter....but.....religion.....why do we base the galaxy on religion? If humans didnt exisist....would religion become reality? If suddenly, a meteor crashed into the earth....would religion fade? If every human on this planet died........what would we lose? our existance? No..probebly not......since in our minds, the galaxy is forever...never ending.....and why do we base all of our subjects on it even there? or is it just a simple tohught of humans....realting to nothing else in the galaxy? Do you ever think why? I know, that we view theser things as we do to make us understand..i mean, common, we need a way to understand whats going on...but thik i being subject to these human views by tihnking this way? am i using basic human tohughts to see what has become of the human race.......Plz post...
  2. If I was a cat I would view and understand the world from a cats view point, but I am a human therefore the only way I can view the world is as a human; simple really.
    How would you propose to view or understand the world any differently. I can pretend that I'm a cat and this might give me a little insight into what it's like to be cat, but I would still only be a human pretending to be a cat.
    Do you see what I mean?
    I like being a Mutant monkey.
  3. props digit on bringing this up, this is an interesting subject that deserves to be revived. I do suspect that part of the reason you brought this up is to further prove the points you made in your human arrogance thread, and this guy did make some good points. I'm going to ponder this topic for awhile before i can think of a good response because i don't really know what my views are on this yet. are we the only ones that view everything in a biased point of view? i don't know..... i just don't know.
  4. tough questions.

    because we are humans.

    at this point in history people believe more in science, but science can only go so far and we will go back to a society that believes in 'god'. its a trend in history.

    depends what views your talking about. if its the materialistic, sexist, racist, power hungry conqurer the world view then human views are incorrect.

    i dont know much about brain science. einstein said if we use all of our brians we wouldnt need a body, thats something to think about.

    what process and what way?

    some base the galaxy on religion. if we didnt exist im sure there are other inteligent races that believe in a higher power, so in a way religion wouldnt die.

    we would have failed as a human race thats all. and the cockroaches would laugh because they would take over earth. there would be a disturbance in the force for sure.

    time is infinite

    theres 2 basic schools of thought. science and religion. science says we need to colonize planets and conquer the universe, survival of the fittest... evolution. religion says we are immortal and if our race dies, whatever.
  5. There is of course no definitive answers to most or all of those questions as all the answers would be moot. All those questions I have at one point in time asked myself, and I always searched for a clear cut answer. But after a while I learned that all the answers point to the same thing. Throughout human history everyone is always trying to fill their void with something tangible, something that we can relate to or understand easily. And through this process and all this time we have just been digging deeper into that hole because at the rate of things we will ever be able to come up with something even close to what we want. I've realized life and everything about it is way beyond us. But I think when you are able to "read in between the lines" only then will you know, and it's not something you can just put to words. This is why I think most people have not strived for it as it is a hard path because it is not usually followed. Most people have just been doing what before their father/mother before them, over and over again. It's the easy way out.

    Humans really tend to waste their minds by having it waste them. A lot of people are slaves to their minds and don't even know it. It's the only reason why things have gotten to this point. It's also why we place human characteristics/tendencies on just about everything we know about, like God or Nature or whatever. Who's to say that "they" are like us, not us like them? If we were made in God's image, then we too are gods. This possibility scares a lot of people though, unconsciously usually.

    Humans may use only 10% of their brain or whatever scientists say, but if we used it all at the same time we would be retarded because our head would be filled with so much shit. Humans already have enough trouble only using 10%.

    I do think though that soon everything is going to go through a lot of change, a lot of shit has been going down all around us, im sure a lot of things we don't even know about yet or care enough to be even aware about. So it's up to us to made this experience more positive for the planet's well being, as well as humans. But at the same time it also provides an option to fuck it all up again. If we let fear take over for the overwhelming "power" that is available to us then it is going to be pretty much inevitable to help it later on. Humans have been around for quite a while, I think it's about time we learn something that really matters.

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