Humans have evolved over 1000's of years in a symbiotic relationship with cannabis

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  1. GW Pharmaceuticals has postulated the following:
    Migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS and related conditions display common clinical, biochemical and pathophysiological patterns that suggest an underlying clinical endocannabinoid deficiency that may be suitably treated with cannabinoid medicines.

    Even elected MPs have finally confirmed that our government is understanding the importance of cannabis:
    Hemp food products are a rapidly growing market with great versatility, ranging from high quality flour and pasta to nutritional bars and even ice cream. Our Government is proud to help this industry capitalize on its successes and further enhance its competitiveness in international markets while bolstering the Canadian economy. - MP. Fletcher

    "With this investment, the CHTA will promote the high quality of Canadian hemp to international markets. This will include placing the Canada Brand and new CHTA logo on promotional materials as well as a trade show booth. This investment will enable the Alliance to increase participation in key trade shows as well as invite international speakers to make presentations at its two-day national convention in Winnipeg, which began today.

    "The funding support available to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance through the AgriMarketing Program has allowed us to undertake projects that would otherwise not be possible," said Kim Shukla, executive director of the CHTA. "These are projects that support the growth of the hemp sector, a sector with tremendous range of market opportunities encompassing green, healthy living from food to biofibres."
    From: Humans have evolved over 1000's of years in a symbiotic relationship with cannabis - Cannabinoids are the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. These therapeutic compounds DO NOT exist in plants other than cannabis & are considered v

    "The brain and body have specific receptor sites for cannabis, unlike all other drugs which just trick serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine sites due to their similar molecular structure. The cannabinoid receptors are a class of cell membrane receptors under the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily.

    As is typical of G protein-coupled receptors, the cannabinoid receptors contain seven transmembrane spanning domains. Cannabinoid receptors are activated by three major group of ligands, endocannabinoids (produced by the mammalian body), plant cannabinoids (such as THC, produced by the cannabis plant) and synthetic cannabinoids (such as HU-210).

    All of the endocannabinoids and plant cannabinoids are lipophilic, i.e. fat soluble, compounds.

    There are currently two known subtypes, termed CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptor is expressed mainly in the brain (central nervous system, CNS), but also in the lungs, liver and kidneys. The CB2 receptor is mainly expressed in the immune system and in hematopoietic cells.

    Mounting evidence suggests that there are novel cannabinoid receptors that is, non-CB1 and non-CB2, which are expressed in endothelial cells and in the CNS. In 2007, the binding of several cannabinoids to a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) in the brain was described.

    Cannabinoids bind reversibly and stereo-selectively to the cannabinoid receptors. The affinity of an individual cannabinoid to each receptor determines the effect of that cannabinoid. Cannabinoids that bind more selectively to certain receptors are more desirable for medical usage for instance. Fascinating, isn't it?" - Comment posted at - Canadian News Sports Entertainment Kids Docs Radio TV

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    Evolution is sudo science.

    Name one thing that came out so perfect from an accident? Just one thing that provides all it needs to sustain itself.

    The Creator Gave us this plant to see through self loving people's lies.o and heal yourself without being dependant on another human.

    The Earth is only 13-14 thousand years old.
  3. are you on crack?
  4. Are you fucking kidding me? This isn't the place for religious discussion, not to mention you can't even type.
  5. erm, its a little older than that bro

  6. i could probably name more "flaws" in evolution than you could "perfections"

    that is an obvious perspective choice anyways. i do not see anything perfect, anywhere. i see likely natural occurrences through time- they happened. that is all.

    you imply perfection to justify your own lack of understanding.

    Dailymotion - Richard Dawkins Demonstrates Laryngeal Nerve of the Giraffe - a Techniek en wetenschap video
  7. To the scientifically uninformed, evolution might sound like a grand scheme invented by anti religious scientists to replace one belief (creationism) with another (science).

    For fuck's sake, accept the (truest) truth already.
  8. Guys.... Im pretty sure he was just kidding around and isnt that stupid.
  9. Are you fucking kidding me? This isn't the place for haters like you, not to mention you mad.
  10. best troll post evar
  11. Are you still on crack?
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  13. 1. Its pseudo no sudo.
    2. Nothing is perfect, bro.
    3. There's no god, this is 2011 not 1520.
    4. Earth is damn old and your damn stupid.
  14. 1,2,3,4 I beg to differ :laughing:
  15. You don't have to beg, it's your right of course to disagree with evolution. It would be nice to hear some sort reasoning, but then that's not really possible, is it? Not REALLY. :rolleyes:
  16. Can not anyone name just one thing that provides so perfectly all the nutrients every living thing absolutely must have to continue.

    Perfect balance of placement of our sun,moon,earth and other planet's to provide perfect light/gravity/heat/cold.

    Perfect balance of all living insect's/animals needed to replenish/repair,maintain all landscapes,ecozones.

    Can anyone explain to me how that 2000+ year old document called the book of enoch written on pyre? maybe hemp lol had a more modern map of our solar system then america? and subsequently ancient egyptian drawings,babylon drawing's down the list..

    Just one thing that provides all this perfection that came from an Accident? that sparked off this pseudoscience daydream.

    Look people, you already know how far the people who wish to control your ethics, morals,behavior have gone to control their populations, how often they've been caught red handed.It isnt too big of a stretch they dont want you to believe you were created, rather having to answer to them instead of it.Believing man and government is all that's going to judge you, blinking out of exsitence or evolving to become my own god is ALOT more preferable to believing there's a creator that has set up certain rules I have to follow! and it's ultimately him I have to answer too in the end.

    I have been pondering my question for Along time.Ive yet to come up with a half decent believable answer.
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    That's because your question is partially unanswerable at this time.

    I fucking hate it when people like you claim that evolution is wrong and that there are all of these gaps in it. Yes, of course there are gaps in evolution as we haven't solved every bit of it. We HAVE solved quite a large chunk of it. Your "answer" if you can even call it that is based on absolutely NOTHING except a book written by humans, and word of mouth from past generations.

    If you'd actually take the god damn time to read up on evolution maybe you'd see that there are some very valid points that may change your opinion. Just because the things you mentioned are currently unanswerable, doesn't mean you should believe in something that is completely unanswerable.

    Oh, and if you haven't realized, most political leaders in most countries are religious, the government has the policy of separation of state and church to prevent offending people with different religions. (Even though they always seem to promote religion anyhow..)
    What is Evolution? Evolution Defined and Explained

    What Is Evolution?
  18. why don't people understand that there are actually 3 cb receptors? cb1 cb2 and wait what? cb3!

    i don't think i've seen one god damn article where they actually mention the third receptor.

    also disputing evolution is stupid
  19. i bet you post comments on Alex Jones websites dont you?
  20. thread successfully hijacked by troll- fail by everyone...
    but hey interesting article man!

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