Humans are twofold beings.

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  1. "Humans are twofold beings. We have a divine and an animal nature. If we feel, think, and act as divine beings should act, we are a true human; if we feel and act like an animal, we are then an animal, and the equal of those animals whose mental characteristics are manifested in us. An exalted imagination caused by a desire for the good raises us up; a low imagination caused by a desire for that which is low and vulgar drags us down and degrades us. The spirit is the master, imagination the tool, and the body the plastic material."
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    Is this post designed to get opinionated views about the animalistic qualities in humans and create an ongoing dispute which will eventually lead to flaming and disagreement? Or did you just see an interesting quote when you where high and feel the need to share?

    Nonetheless, this quote is insightful and true to that matter. The mind is a powerful weapon... (Edit: Especially when drugs are added to the mix)

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