Humans and free love

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  1. Humans and free love don't mix nowadays, due to society forcing monogamy down our throats and the rise of STDs. Is free love an outdated concept? Was it a relic of the 60's, or is within our own genetic coding to fuck as much as possible? That doesn't seem to be the case anymore, girls and guys seem to be way more iffy about fucking than they used to be.
  2. Because some smartass decided it was cool to call a chick a "slut" when she's slighty more sexually driven than the average women. The majority of chicks i know now abstain a bit more than they'd like to for fear of being labelled a slut / whore ect.
  3. Life isn't just about sex. If you look through the histories of other countries besides the US, you don't see very many free sexuality movements. It's been culturally ingrained in most Asian children, that open sexuality is forbidden, and taboo. Even with European and American influence, Japan for instance still has these views on sex.

    Not that I don't enjoy sex, but..I don't entirely agree with polygamy. Not because of religion but, because having one wife would be difficult enough.
  4. The concept of 'free love' is not from the sixties. In Ancient times, it was common practice for people who have sex with whomever, and whatever they choose. If you look at the society of the Ancient Romans or Greeks you can see that they were just fine, and possibly even more advanced in their thinking.

    The emphasis on courtly love and monogamy came with the rise of Christianity.

    I do believe it was St. Augustine who perpetuated the sex is a sin idea, it wasn't so much that it was for the health or well being of the people, because it wasn't, but to further political and religious power...

    Just food for thought, maybe 'free love' is much more natural than we all think.

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