Humanity's greatest accomplishment.

Discussion in 'General' started by INS the Rebel, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. The Olympics

    The Olympics have become humanity's greatest accomplishment.

    Does anyone agree?

  2. Uhm.. I disagree..
    Without the Internet's border breaking and unifying strength I doubt we'd be where we are on a lot of fronts.
  3. you dont think the internet is part of the olympics?

    i didnt want to end up writing a small book here.

    i consider very much the coverage of the olypics to be a part of it. after all, how do we experience the olympics but indirectly through whatever media we choose?

    we're not practicing naked gymnastics in 6th [B.C.] century attaca anymore.

  4. in that case I'd say we've regressed ;)
  5. Our greatest accomplishment is putting on a show of nationalistic jock strap mentality?

    Shakespeare described the spectacle best with the title " Much Ado About Nothing".

    Wars still rage, and no one cares.
    Starvation and disease are not daunted.

    Most of the athletes will be less than medal round performers.
    The American basketball team makes more money than many of the gross national products of the nations they will 'defeat' in their 'quest for gold'.

    And China keeps lying, and lying, and killing, and repressing, no sign of remorse.

    FALUN GONG!!!!!!
  6. Humanity's greatest accomplishment: Me.
  7. I agree with the OP, has anyone watched the womens beach volleyball??!:hello:
  8. To be quite honest humanities greatest accomplishment is probably writing. Without a written record all our skills and abillities over the years would eventually be lost, oral tradition can only carry you so far until the original message or technique is distorted and corrupted so that it devolves.

    That being said, the Olympics do kick some ass.
  9. ..yet the decided to place humanity's greatest accomplishment in china

    you fucking fail dude

    free the dali lama, and fucking boycott the olympics
  10. If that's true, then I fail at being a human. I couldn't care less about the Olympics than I do now.
  11. I'd say traveling through space... but then again that wouldn't be possible without all kinds of other accomplishments. I'd say it's the most impressive though.
  12. [​IMG]

    Refrigeration's pretty ill.
  13. [​IMG]

    Seriously. Sure, its not the polio vaccine, the internet, or the great wall of China, but we fucking did it.

    Our evolutionary path on this planet has been billions of years in the making. We emerged in our present form some 200,000 years ago. And, less than 70 years after we figured out how to fly, we put ourselves on the fucking moon.

  14. [​IMG]

    They brought us the ability to:


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