Humanity = Virus

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Humanity = Virus

    .... i'll leave it to others to pitch in their thoughts on this before i go off on one. ;) it kinda speaks for itself though doesnt it.

    Humanity = Virus

    let the discussion ensue.....
  2. I wouldn't go so far as to say we're a virus, but we're certainly not "better" than the rest of the world. The fact that humanity exists is simply the result of an accident several billion years ago, and it could just as easily vanish in another random accident.

    We are privileged in no way, and are in no way invincible to the wills of nature and life.

    No form of life is inherently better than any other. Humanity is neither good nor bad, it just is. And it could just as easily not be.
  3. No form of life is inherently better than any other. Viruses are neither good nor bad, they just are. And they could just as easily not be.
  4. Well...let's see:

    A virus is an organism
    A virus lives on/of other organisms
    A virus damages its host

    So what you were trying to say is that our species damages earth? Duh!

    Still...viruses are simple lifeforms. They have to inhabit (and thus usually damage) the host. They have no other choice. We humans do know what we're doing. Still we don't change the way we exploiting'n damage earth. This makes us a bit different and way worse than a virus.

  5. If we possess no more inherent value than the other species inhabiting the planet, why is it that we are the only group of organisms that can "damage" the environment?

    Hasn't anyone ever considered that the "damage" we cause to other species is no harm to the enviroment because we are as important a part of the planet's ecosystem as any other form of life?

    Wow. That has very little to do with the quote I used. It might even start an entirely different conversation. Pardon me. I'm diggity-danked. :D

  6. I Would say that we are the only species that destroy the enviroment and yet do little to stop it because of our own greed. So in a way we are abnormal creatures.
  7. of course, all of that is pretty much true, but some of us also help the planet! I'm sure that the bad outways the good for now, but maybe it will be the start of something great, for some reason, it always takes something bad, for us to create something beautiful! Take any horrible event in history! It's human nature, not to realize what you have... until it's gone...
  8. I think I once heard that from a world war 2 veteran on history channel, I think he said It's a damn shame it takes somthing like a war to bring out the good of human nature.

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