Humanity ruined everything

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Tochahontassssss, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Did anybody ever think that human beings aren't supposed to live this way? That we weren't supposed to become such destructive creatures? That the world wasn't supposed to revolve around money and getting a career.

    Just a thought.
    Any others?

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  2. Yes, humans suck. I think that all the time.
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  3. Very parasitic
  4. I used to think this all the time. I have often had stoned thoughts about how humans are natures greatest mistakes. But as I grew older and more intellectual I began to think; maybe it is the opposite. Maybe the earth needs humans to survive. Think if our technology keeps improving, the ways we can not only save life on this planet, but extend it. Maybe Earth's only chance of survival is us(?). You have to remember that we are still an extremely young and naive species. We still make mistakes. We are like a child just entering adolescence. I guess only time will tell.

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  5. Any species whose main trait in evolution is intelligence would have ended up doing the same as us.. we are animals after all. It is the double edged sword of intelligence.. more intelligence = more actively shaping their environment versus their environment shaping them.
  6. Humanity is mostly parasites, not all.
    I think modern humans are a parasite, especially the western world.

    However, I think it is natural and the way it is suppose to be.

    My opinion is, that we are destined to birth AI.
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    Yea it's pretty bad and sadly it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.
  8. I always think that. I see extremists on both ends and I'm like k we need to cool our shit because all these advances and information at your fingertips these days can be abused to the core but on the other end they help other people. I think of it as how communities develop and grow, fluorish, then take over and dominate other places. I have a feeling this world will end very badly. The good thing is that this type of destruction happens slowly so we probably won't witness the end of the world. That's the only reason I try not to get too upset when "Big Brother" is watching or hearing news of mass terror. Different groups of people have different ideas, beliefs, morals, but not all are interchangeably considered good things between each group. Therefore, some people are happy but the outsiders are not.

    It sucks because we all know life isnt fair, and if we all just calmed the f*** down maybe things wouldn't be so bad, but then you'd worry if we lose control to protect ourselves from other areas in the world and mass destruction would inevitably happen anyway..
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  9. humanity is false, money is made up, time doesn't exit, we exist eternally, nobody owns anything, we are all connected
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  10. War will get us all in the end...From the beginning we've been killing each other with pointy sticks and rocks, it's just downhill from there.
  11. Agreed. We are all doomed no matter what. I still think we should try to enjoy ourselves and keep the peace the best we can, of course, while we are living on earth
  12. No. This is how animals have lived for thousands of years. We just kinda took it to a new level bc of our intelligence.

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  13. We fuck everything up I just wish to live in the woods like a hippie with other like minded hippies with animals own a farm smoke weed have a fuck load of kids sorta like Manson but not kill anyone

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