Human Seed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MaryJaneCy, Jun 28, 2019.

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    The seed still has it's shell on after emerging, What can i do?

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  2. Leave it alone.

    Plants have been shedding seed shells for Millennia without our help.

    If you try taking it off, you run the risk of killing the sprout.
    I did, once. Never again.
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  3. You can let it go a day or two and then remove.

    To remove raise the humidity with some misting + plastic dome. You can use saliva as well.

    Them crack the seed carefully off with tweezers. Be careful.

    I cracked mine off and it’s currently my best plant

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  4. It's a helmet head. If you have to intervene be extremely careful like you're doing brain surgery. The shell is probably cracked and held together by a hinge on top. I take a couple of pins and open the shell being careful not to stick the pins into the leaves inside or bend the stem. I still sometimes kill one so only play with it if you have no choice.
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  5. Does it ever cause a problem?
  6. I throw a plastic medicine cup over mine to keep the humidity high which keeps the shell from drying excessively and makes it easier for the plant to shed it. Keep your light intensity strong but dont bake them with heat from the light. Best of wishes.
  7. They have a tendency to stretch when the shell doesn't fall off.
  8. It ended up dying. RIP Royal Cheese

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  9. Did you take the shell off?
  10. Human seed......damn I thought this thread was going to get kinky with some baby batter discussion
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  11. i opened it up a bit

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  12. I feel like this happens to me when I... 1. Do not germinate the seed long enough and 2 if i dont plant the seed deep enough. Sorry your girl died time to throw another one in a cup and let it come to life. :)
  13. I've heard it's because they weren't deep enough but I bet it just happens sometimes regardless.
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  14. I just make sure to get a long enough tap root now and I have not had a problem.

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