Human rites womans rites

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  1. Sorry but murder is wrong. Period
    You can say a baby isnt human yet all you want
    I can even say jews arent human.

    Bit murder is still wrong


    Why am i the only atheist/anarchist who is anti abortion?! WTF!

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  2. How would you enforce an antiabortion law without a government? How do you enforce this law period? I find abortion distasteful if not immoral. But I find forcing a woman at gunpoint to have a child even more distasteful. It would take a powerful police state with doctors as essentially police informants (breaking the trust between patient and doctor) to enforce such a law. 
    I do find it distasteful that money is stolen from people and given to abortion organizations. I also dislike the  cavalier some people have towards abortions as an easy fix. We should all stop and ponder that there would be at least an additional 55 million Americans a lone alive today if they had not been aborted not to mention the world figures. How many Einsteins, Picasso's and Steve Jobs were never born? 
  3. Guess we'll never know. But on the flip side, how many Hitlers might have been born?
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    well let me name a few...obama,bushes,rothchild,rockafellows,steve jobs,joe biden,that fat kim jung ill guy,billgates,sarah palin,ted bundy,....all the warlords in africa.
  6. but i think if the woman thats careing for the human infant decides she wouldnt,shouldnt,or couldnt take care of said infant she should be able to abort before its born..remember she has too live with it not you..when she is infront of her maker and is asked why she denyed life only she can answer.
  7. womens rights , since we are human , lol. its our body so fuck whoever else has anything to say about what we do with it. i like how there's no regulations against testicles and shit , but there's rules against uterus's xD (when it comes to fetuses)
    some females are fucking disgusting and use abortion as a form of birth control , but that comes few and far between. most women have legitimate reasons for their decisions , and they are adults , so yea.
  8. maybe it was her makers plan for her to abort the baby , because ya know .. every plan is the makers plan , lol. 
  9. so true but maybe it's too see how that experience changed that u said some girl's use it as a form of birth control if we had any maker im sure he would be sad that something it gave life too is so indifferent too life..
  10. If there is a maker, just be up front with it, "Bro I may have had an abortion but Hurricane Katrina was all you so I don't even want to hear it, now let me in to the pearly gates."
  11. This thread exists for no other reason than to stir up the shit. 
    So let's begin.

    Women need to stop pushing this equality shit. Take a look ladies, Men and Women are not equal. That's fucking biology. Men and Women will never be equal, that's fucking science. Men and Women will never be accepted as equal parts of society because that's illogical. We are not equals but while we are not equals, Men are not better than Women and Women are not better than Men.
  12. Yup! In a perfect world ...........
    Right? Men aren't innocent in any of it. We are was much too blame as anyone else. How many abortions occur BECAUSE of the father, not in spite of them? How many occur at their request or demand? And no abortion would ever occur without their participation!
    Yup. In a perfect world.............

    @[member="yurigadaisukida"], I ain't so sure you are a real atheist. Murder is more humane than neglect, suffering or torture. That is a fact humans know, and occasionally act on. That is why we have death penalties, and euthanasia.
  13. Shit is going to go down on this thread.
    thats so fucking stupid , and if you perpetuate stupidity you will get no where.
    im sure many many fucking years ago people said that blacks cant be equal to whites , its science its biology its not right blah fucking blah blah , people change , societys change and cultures change , it has happened all throughout history and the subject of femininity and equality has been really big lately not just in america but in other parts of the world , women in some middle eastern countries protesting by driving cars , men getting prosecuted for rape and crimes against women in india , and in america soon we will address the inequality in pay for men and women , men earning higher wages in some jobs just because he has a dick , etc. 
    we are all equal , we are fucking human , and to think we are not is a poisonous stigma that needs to be eradicated. 
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    But we aren't equal.. even on the most basic of levels. 

    I have a penis, you have a vagina. 
    You carry a child, I plant the seed. 
    Your basic body structure is different than a man's 
    The way your brain processes interactions and emotions is different than a man's

    You're eating your own words and perpetuating stupidity yourself. Congratulations. 
  16. Give those pro-lifers a screaming baby
  17. my question is why do woman want to be equal too men nothings going too change..other then woman can spontaneously impregnate themselves..
  18. im black your white , i have more melanin you have less , i have curly hair , im guessing you have straight.
    my feet might be smaller and yours may be bigger
    i may be shorter and you may be taller
    you may have facial hair and i lack thereof
    we are all different , we are talking about equality within a society. not about equality within anatomical definition.
  19. But because Men and Women are not equal beings we cannot exist as equal members of society. We can both share overlapping parts of society but when it boils down. We are split, down the middle. Men and Women. Not black men and white men, not black women and white women but Men and Women. 
    nigga. what. 
    we want to be equal to men within society because its our right , its logical , its fair. why shouldn't we we want to be equal...

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