Human Pheromones- do they work?

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  1. Hey so im thinking about buying some of that pheromone spray to see if it actually does anything. Its supposed to make women more attracted to you, you jus put the liquid in your cologne or whatever. I just dont believe it honestly. Anyone know anything about this stuff??
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    edit: oh wait, its called "sex panther"
    editz: e-cookie for the person who gueses teh movie :smoking:
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  5. congrats here is your e-cookie:) <- the face is m&ms

    but anyway it sounds like it just makes her horney so she wants to fuck then instead of after a connection or someting

    also i wouldnt doubt it if thats bad for you lungs/ health but who knows
  6. hell i might try some out from this herbal site cuz i gotta order empty gel capsules for canna-butter and my kratom, its only like 20 dollars at this site tho..
  7. To a certain extent. Humans judge by sight a lot more than most animals do.
  8. The idea of pheromones is well documented for animals, but the human version is quite mysterious. I don't think there are really any truly effective human pheromones on the market, but in theory it should be possible.
  9. We were just talking about this in my anthropology class yesterday. Pheromones, as you probably know, appeal to the opposite sex as a genetically encoded attraction stimulus to encourage the survival of a species and genetic diversity. We talked about these products but nobody in the class had experience with them (or didn't want to admit it lol)
  10. LOL thats pretty cool, sounds like a good class. I was reading online that it probably wouldnt really work because girls wouldnt just smell it on you, the pheromones would be traveling all over the room and chicks would jus get horny, they wouldnt know where its coming from...
  11. Thats a pretty good start though...
  12. ^^ True True....cant complain when theres horny chicks walkin everywhere
  13. i don't this will work as much as you are thinking it will lmao
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    lol put it in the air ducts and all the sudden everyone's gettin some...sweeeeet
  15. alcohol, dim lights, phermones, music
  16. A fat slob covered in pheromone spray is still a fat slob.

    It's not going to work miracles, if it did everyone would use it.

  17. its made with real bits of panther so you know its good,lol.
  18. yes, they work, to an extent.

    i use them occasionally when i'm with my girlfriend. I don't think they are going to much good unless you use them on someone who you are already with, they just wouldnt be close enough to smell them or comfortable enough to act upon their slightly increased hornyness

    they dont work miracles but i like them when my girlfriends pissed at me or something yet she can't help but be all over me due to the pheromones.

    also, it must have a significant amount of andosterone or whatever it is.
    Do your research first

  19. Maybe your just irresistible :p
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    Pheromones are a secondary sex characteristic. So if she's into you, in theory anyway, she'll be more into you. If you repulse her, well, you're still boned. I knew a guy in college who tried it.. didn't do a damn thing lol. Best bet IMHO is to dress nice and put on just a little axe or cologne, don't smell like you dumped a bottle of it on you. Looking like you have a little cash, aren't a bum, and looking like you know wtf you're doing will get you MILES farther than that pheromone goop you put on your neck.

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