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  1. I have known this woman for a few years. We were always on the basis of neutral friends, but neither really pursued a further relationship, be it better friends, or a love interest. Yet for the past 6 months or so, she changed her friendship group a lot, and ended up becoming close friends with another of my friends. As there friendship grew, so did her seemingly synthetic outlook on life. She would be very irrational and not understanding of the emotions of others, or there outlooks on things. To me she seemed slightly ignorant to the goings on around her (my perception). My friend who ill call C, organised a party, and she tried to take over it. All she did was organize who should be coming yet she began to say who can and can't go, including C's own friends. C told her that he wants these people to go, but she had a go at him for nothing, making the issue all about her. It was resolved eventually, even though it is so insignificant, it still affected my view of her.

    Long story short, yesterday I was so emotionally overpowered by something she had done. She had touched the very essence of human spirit. She got up in front of thousands of people, and did a very touching performance with some disabled people. It was just so unexpected. I did not know she was performing at all, so when the curtains opened, and the performance began, I was just astonished. She put aside everything she thought, everything society might think of her, what people think of her, and helped other people from the generosity of her heart.

    It truly did open up a new perception of the human spirit. People have so much more under their shell, so much more within themselves. And even though she may have made a big ‘fool' of herself up on that stage infront of the thousands of people, she touched my heart unexpectedly, and the next time I see her, I will tell her exactly that.

    Anyone else have any stories of people showing great heart in the face of possible condemnation. Or if someone has done something that you have really admired, I'd love to hear your stories.:)
  2. Nice. Good read but you made it long.

    "This girl who I was kind of friends with then turned and got a synthetic outlook on life. She tried to take control of situations that she had no business commenting in. Then she did a performance with some handicapped people. Nice."
  3. Maybe she has realized all that she has done and is making an attempt to compensate.

  4. No, detail is good. If someone doesn't have the time to read a couple paragraphs then they shouldn't be on here in the first place.
  5. You seem like a very dramatic person

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