human-chimpanzee hybrid

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  1. This is just a thought I've always had.

    Humans and chimpanzees are so alike that its very possibe for them to create offspring.
    The matter is full of speculation, but why? Isn't it easier to go fuck a monkey?

    From wikipedia: Humanzee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  2. There's definitely a basis to think its possible for us to breed with chimps or bonobos. Problem is, who's going to volunteer for the experiment? I elect you. A team of researchers will arrive at your house in a matter of minutes to take you to the breeding clinic.
  3. I've been waiting for this opportunity my whole life... Thanks!
    Seriously, I'd do it.
  4. OP consents to fuck a chimp
  5. ^^^^

    Yes I do.
  6. I saw this thread out of the corner of my eye and I was like WTF? There's a thread for just about everything I guess...Haven't you seen any of those sci-fi movies? Human hybrids or clones never turn out well. The patient will invariably lose their sense of self and go crazy and kill everything in sight.
  7. Something like this, OP?


    Most fucked up sculptor ever, Patricia Piccinini. Deals with human-animal genetic hybrids, 'transhumanism' and a lot of creepy, creepy shit...


    Anyhow, I can see the scientific merit in it - we could find out a lot about our genes' origins and the differences in how they are expressed between us and chimps, to find out, in turn, what makes us so 'special'. But just try getting the idea off the ground with the church out there flapping their hands about...
  8. See what you did OP?

  9. [​IMG]
  10. I'd be extremely interested in what a chimp's pussy would be like. Would it be just like a smaller human?

    If I can dick a chimp before I die, I'll die a happy man.
  11. i read every post in this thread and laughed/gagged/was turned on my every one:D
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  13. you want to dick a chimp?!
    dude it would probably kick you ass ahaha
  14. This is a really fucked up thread, but I'm all for it.

    Op, I give you my moral consent to go bone a chimp.
  15. AIDS came into being when a human fucked a monkey.

    I think I read that somewhere (?)
  16. Almost too disturbing to be true, right? :confused:
  17. The most commonly accepted theory is that of the 'hunter'. In this scenario, SIVcpz was transferred to humans as a result of chimps being killed and eaten or their blood getting into cuts or wounds on the hunter. Normally the hunter's body would have fought off SIV, but on a few occasions it adapted itself within its new human host and became HIV-1. The fact that there were several different early strains of HIV, each with a slightly different genetic make-up (the most common of which was HIV-1 group M), would support this theory: every time it passed from a chimpanzee to a man, it would have developed in a slightly different way within his body, and thus produced a slightly different strain.

    Source: The Origin of HIV and the First Cases of AIDS

    Evolution and environmental behavior is fascinating...
  18. I'd volunteer to make sweet sweet love to a Chimpanzee as long as I remained anonymous.
  19. You know, some of the most disturbing things I've read on GC have come from this thread.
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