Human Beings Only Have One "True Friend"

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  1. ...the basset hound..just vaped a fat bowl on the way to work and began pondering on some things..the basset hound is here to stay

    [ame=]Basset Hound Puppy - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Dumbo (Basset Hound) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]sweet basset hound - YouTube[/ame]

    Enjoy your day:smoke:
  2. They're... so... perfect.
  3. hahahahahaha any type of hound is just bound to be loads of fun, but these fuckin things... are way off the awesome charts
  4. more video evidence that support the awsomeness of basset hounds

    [ame=]Basset hound chews a gum - YouTube[/ame]
  5. hahahahaha

    definitely up in my top 5 dog breeds
  6. happiness...

    [ame=]Basset hound - satisfied face - YouTube[/ame]

    I don't care how hard of a day I've had..Coming home to a dog like this was the best companion ever..I don't have a basset anymore but I miss him every single day

  7. Yea dude!

    When i was born my parents had one, havent had one since, and i BARELY remember it.... but there is a picture of me as a little fucking sirsog attempting to use one of its ears as a shield, or blanket, not too sure lol

    My friend has a basset/lab mix.... its one of the funniest mutts there ever was... face of a lab (not such a long snout) ears of a basset, shape of a lab in terms of its abdomen.... legs and height of a basset...... but the color of a yellow lab....

    Its like someone took a lab, flattened it down a bit, and then pulled its ears out an extra foot lol and labs are also within my top 5 breeds, so its just a hybrid of the dog gods
  8. Here's come the rebel backlash of cuteness:


  9. Its all about the ears my bro :cool:...basset hound ears are legendary in their capablitlites..I love a good basset..They are hands down my favorite breed of dog


    probly the most dynamic bad ass dog known to man
  10. Im very convinced they are the reason for "Do your ears hang low"

    Some pothead back in the day was hangin with his basset just started singing all goofy... and it became an awesome tune lol
  11. ears swangin low just hangin like a boss

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    Add one and they're twice as cute.:)
    Not mine hasten to add,just regular cookiemonsters(carry those everywhere,dogs love me).
    This is my one true friend :
  13. my eyes, dey are too heavy to open

    I has a sad because i want a treat plz

    I am the bee's knee's. any questions?
  14. I love Basset hounds, but my first love is baby bulls.

    [ame=]3 week old pitbull pups - YouTube[/ame]
  15. This thread has made me smile :D

    To be honest I just love dogs in general, I've got a dalmation and a Labrador. Both are great company.
  16. I adopted a beagle, which is basically like a less wrinkly basset hound with smaller ears.

    Personally, I want a blood hound, or a bull mastiff.

  17. Ive always wanted a plott hound hahah, they are just so fucking silly, but so striking at the same time... they always look like they know they are elegant creatures
  18. Dude there's this hiking trail near my house and there's this basset hound that lives in the house next to it and it always follows us around the entire trail, chillest fucking dog ever. It attacked a porcupine once, some crazy shit went down and my boy and I ended up saving the dog.
  19. i pity you if your only friend is a dog.

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