Hullo Thar!!

Discussion in 'General' started by RuffRat, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. long time no see GC. how have you all been, i have been away for along long time, well i can\'t access the site from home, and at college it is risky to get here from college... so :p i will pop in when i can.

    Love Me!
  2. nice to see you back around RuffRat
  3. Hi RuffRat!!! Good to see you. I hope you're liking college and that life is being very good to you. Stop back in when you can!!! :D
  4. What's up? Stop by more often.:wave:
  5. eh hows it going man! as fak said, come by more! always good to see an old face.
  6. RuffRat!!! Hi! Definitely long time no see. I need to sign onto AIM more often... Glad to see you man. We expect brilliant tales of your adventures when you return next, or at least I do! :smoking:
  7. welcome back man :bongin:
  8. The king of homemade bongs!! whats good man?
  9. Welcome back, RuffRat!!! :wave:

    Good to see you around again! How is school going? Hopefully some :bongin: ?

  10. Ayyeee!! college is going well, hell i dont even really hit bongs anymore... just spliffs since i learnt to roll...

    I will do, life is alright, nothing specail for me at the moment.


    DBWWW!!!!! my day couldnt get any better, i return and see you here i am complete, i cant get on the internet at my home till the 8th of april (my Bday :) )

    I aint made a bong in a long long time and i broke my big glass hurricane :(
  11. Hey just to say hello again, i can only get on now and then!!

    Whatcha all up to?
  12. Great to see you! How are ya?
  13. Hi Ruff Rat!! :hello:
  14. Good to see you again, Ruff! Hope everything away from the City is goin' awesome for ya! ^_^.

    Try and stop in and see us as much as you can!!! Until then - you take it easy, man!

  15. Still using a quote of mine eh?

    Atta boy! :D

    Good luck with college, buddy!
  16. Rawr, back again, it looks like when im on i can only stay on a short time...

    Love the city still. Still smoking the fine old hurb, in fine quanity's :p


    Yes Rasta, as it should be known! :D
  17. Aiiiigghhhttt, im back for long while now people, i have moved into Uni and away from the parents.

    Praiiisssee Meeee!!!

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