Hullo, me new here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mr Skinner, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. 'lo, good people. I'v been visiting your site for quite a while now but still not paticipated. Zylark, who I share an appartment with, promised to hook me up and fiks me an AV (since I just on' know my way around a computer). But since he's one of the laziest dudes I've ever met, he hasn't got to that yet.
    I suppose I'll be visiting the music section quite al lot, since that' one of my favourit hobby besides getting stoned. Anyway-nice to meet ye guys. I'll think of you when I get off work in about an hour and light the greatest j ever (got new supplies yesterday)
  2. yep theres fun to be had in these here forums :D
  3. Welcome to the stoners paradise..
  4. Welcome to the City of Green! :wave:
  5. welcome!! Take ur coat off relax and fire it up!!:smoking:
  6. Welcome to the stoner palace :)
  7. aw man, now i can't tell any outragous li..., erm, stories, about all my escapades any more without getting coug..., duh, corrected, by mr. skinner. crap :D

    go away, hehe :)

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