Discussion in 'General' started by J-Rich420, May 24, 2006.

  1. i was wondering how i could getr some more buds out of my plant, any tricks?
  2. They have forums for growin ask there bro
  3. fuckin retards keep commin to this forum. READ THE FORUM THERES A GROWING SECTION!! This is general chat.. cant u read? how do u expect to read a responce if u cant even read the forum catagorys hm?!? WTF MAN WTF

  4. x2

    sometimes i think 90% of the people i know/meet cant read
  5. You guys are fuckin assholes I let him know why be a fuckin dick about it -rep to both of ya
  6. good thing ur lil noobie -rep just gave me a grey bar woop-te-doo !

    seriously what do u expect me to do be nice this is the 3rd kid i told that day..

  7. You could ignore the post. Or just report it. Besides general is for when you dont know where your post goes. Just chill bro

    This bowl's for you guys:smoking::wave:
  8. I hear that.
  9. Fo sho you can find all the answers you need in the grow forums bro no big deal man, you just made a small mistake. smoke a bowl and chill guys he'll find his way to the grow forums. :D JOE>
  10. ya my bad =D <3

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