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  1. well that little dis abled period really sucked

    sup blades? hows your night going?
  2. Im baked and drankin' a brewski, all is good over here. :smoke:
  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash.

    shit is delish.

    flying dog beer has a new flavor out, shit hits the spot.

    to quote homer simpson, "aaaaawwwwuuuurrrgleaaaaawwwwww".
  4. I wanna take advantage of my scale. I've never measured out a session. Im gonna blaze out my bubbler later for weeds . what amount should I smoke blades?
  5. ^^ whats your tolerance like?

    if none:.5-1

    little 1-1.5

    kinda 1.5-2

    ya u get it

    and depends the weed

    for dank and me id smoke like .5 cause my tolerance aint shit
  6. i have tolerance cause I blaze nightly but my buds really dank. maybe ill hit up 1 gram
  7. just posted up at home,

    workin on letters. . . trying this evil style font with hella scars and tears and shit in it.

    trying to get through the day without a cigarette,
  8. Is that dudes ban going to be forever now? I mean he hacked the serer and said he was doing it. I don't want my stuff getting hacked by an unruly member.
  9. That dudes probably making shit up. Hes the government!!
  10. its just immaturity bro, what was that dudes name again?
    i already forgot it. . .

  11. I'm looking foward to his not being here. And I also take comfort in knowing that if he does come back, he's going to have to pretend to be someone else. Living a lie, even on the internet, probably isn't a lot of fun.

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