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  1. Hey all so I was starting a NL grow but i had some problems with some shitty starting soil - So here is my party cup grow. - here is the set up.

    400W MH/HPS system - digital switchable ballast so i can run either Metal Halide or HPS I also have some 100w CFL's 5000k

    3'X3'X6' Mylar grow tent

    Ventilation - 2 100CFM inline fans linked pulling through a carbon filter - venting into attic.

    Soil - organic miracle grow and perlite in a 70% - 30% mix - pebbles at the bottom for drainage. Thin layer of sand on top because of gnats.

    Nutrients - Full line of Fox Farm nutes and solubles.

    Containers - 16 oz party cups

    I would be open to putting them in bigger pots if i have room after weeding out the males but i really just want to grow as many as possible so if i screw some up i am still good

    I have 1 NL plant (in the bigger pot) the other 59 are bag seed - 60 containers in all at the moment (this will drop quickly though).

    Some of the seeds started to grow their tap root I am sure some wont even sprout

    The bag labeled GW is good weed i smoked and set the seeds aside the rest are a mixed bag from years of smoking (cups with those GW seeds are marked). Should be fun.

    I am starting these on 12/12 and i am going to use my HPS light all the way through.

    I am doing this Darwin style - survival of the fittest. I am sure i will be down to about 20 plants by the end. Anyway I will post pictures of my setup and new ones when they sprout.

    If this goes all the way through it will be my first successful grow so wish me luck all - i promise lots of nice pictures and hope you can all help me through this - first toke will be for all who subscribe.

    FYI this is a personal use medical grow only so i just need a few OZ all together maybe 4-6oz.
  2. Pictures - here you go :)

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  3. WOW!!!!!! is all i can say!! thats alot of f*ckin cups lol... good luck.. i will def. be watchin
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    lol, I love the idea, especially the survival of the fittest part. The only thing it that none of them may be that fit to start with if you start off at 12/12. I would at least give them 18/6 for the first few weeks so they can get a solid stem and root system going. Your babies are also going to outgrow those cups probably once they hit flowering which will severely limit the bud growth...

    buuuuuuut you only need 4-6 ounces so with 20 plants you just have to grow like 6-8 grams per plant.

    Oh also, did you puncture little holes in the bottom of the cups to allow for drainage? Last thing you want is for all your babies to be overwatered and rot... Tho from the pics it looks like you may have already :smoking:

    Your NL is looking nice tho!

    Definitely looks like a fun grow and I'll be watching, best of luck to you TokeyMcTokems! :D:smoking::D
  5. hahaha thats epic man, just how i pictured it from your other thread, i gotta question tho, how much vertical room did you allow for.... where my sprouts are i have so little vert room and if you suceed here with around the same room ill be very very happy.
  6. When i weed out the males i am going to put them in bigger pots - probably about 6" pots.

    As for putting them in anything but 12/12 to start, i really need to sex these ASAP - as you can see i really don't have any room for them to get any sort of bushy. My next grow will be another attempt at NL done right - veg for a month or 2 and they will be in 5 Gal buckets.

    And yes the cups have drainage holes

    but this one is meant to be a small quick and fun grow.
  7. ^^^^ tokeymcforgetums hahaha answer me!!! how much head room above those cups hehehehehehehe

    EDIT: you answered right as i post this...damnit
  8. Thanks man, i have all the vert space i will need - i will let you know how high they get but i have a 6 1/2 ft tall tent.
  9. thats definitely a LOT more room than i a large amount of space hahahahaha

  10. LOL thanks man - good to see you here :D
  11. LOL yeah but no worries - they will not get even close to as tall as they could be. I don't think most of them will make it past a foot tall if that.
  12. damn dude....i wasnt expecting that short.... haha mine have atleast the space to get about 2 feet, and if i do a straight bend lst, i can grow it sideways a good 4 feet, but thats a huge waste of my time hahahahha
  13. pulling up a chair on this one...should be interesting and entertaining! good luck on the start!
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    Thanks farmer zack - welcome to the show. :hello:
  15. LOL yeah well these are going to be 12/12 from seed so no real veg time to speak of. Plus up until i can see sex on these they will stay in the party cups so that should cut back on growth too.
  16. Quick update had about 5 pop through today - I will post pics tomorrow.
  17. Ok i have had a bunch pop up - not really counting them today - more will soon be popping up soon. :) I probably have have about 15+ up now. More on the way - I have a close up on a few - one of the NL of course and one of the more advanced seedlings and one that is just popping up. Enjoy :smoking:

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  18. Ok all it's day 4 and all but 20 of the seedlings have popped up - So i have the 1 NL plant and 39 seedlings so far. Going good - i will give the other ones another day or 2 then i will toss the ones that haven't come up yet.

    Happy toking all - i should have another update tomorrow. :smoking:

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  19. Man, I felt like a dad when my ONE seedling sprouted...

    How's it feel being the father of 40 babies! :D
  20. hahahaha thats lookin mighty good man.... yea i agree with jekl.... i have those 2 sprouts.... i cant even imagine 40.... so epic

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