huge snake regurgitates a hippo

Discussion in 'General' started by dopyt420, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. sorry to be such a wussy..

    but I wanna know before I click the link; does it show nasty animals that are dead with guts everywhere? :(
  2. no nothing gross, just a little wierd. the snake opens its mouth and a hippo comes out.
  3. Holy fuck. That hardly looks real.
  4. what . . . that was crazy.
  5. Holy CRAP!

    How the hell did it manage to swallow a hippo in the first place?
  6. I usually know if something is real or fake. I don't have a clue with this one though. IF it's real THEN it's mad crazy though.
  7. i don't know, it's a HUGE snake, the things mouth oppened probably 2 or 3 feet to let that thing out
  8. a man was walking in the backround. the hippo was about the size of that guy. that would suck to be eaten by a snake.
  9. you know what's even crazier: DOUBLE POSTS! That's something even Steve-O wouldn't do.

  10. Holy shit, that like freaked me out...and made me laugh at the same time
  11. haha if you didnt tell me what it was i wouldnt even have figured it out
  12. Thats going to give me nightmares for the rest of the week.
  13. hahahahhahaha, I am super super stoned, but seriously, that was so fucking funny! I can't believe it came out legs first! roflmsao (rolling on the floor laughing my stoned ass off).
  14. Hhaha shit damn, I love snakes and that only adds to the reasons why.
  15. Lovin it, that is almost as cool as the snake that choked and died trying to eat a gator in Florida. JOE>
  16. it came out legs frist because when a snake eats its prey it eats it head first.

    it fit it into its mouth because snakes can dislocate there jaws

    Its a baby hippo but still crazy, but i like the pic of a snake eating a gezell because the snake takes in the horns to which is crazy.
  17. i hate when a bit of food gets caught in your throat.

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