huge question.. first timer here.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganJaXTokEr, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. WEll i planted my already sprouted seed into soil.. Its been in the soil for 3 days under light. When i woke up today, the white part that came out of the seed has popped out of the soil and then goes straight down into the soil. While the seed is sticking out the top of the soil. What should I do? and will my plant be ok?
  2. White part is the taproot............its going to look wierd but for the first couple of days it is going to be a seed on top of the stem.......dont mess with it....your good
  3. is it ok to cover it a little bit with soil.. im not talking alot, just a slight amount..
  4. you can. No real need. Just let nature do its thing :hello:
  5. Yes. Just be patient and don't mess with it. One false move and you can dislodge it and it will die.
  6. It's normal. Let it be.
  7. youre gonna have to do things to it in a few days ....
    the most important thing you can do for the next 3 or so months is BE PATIENT;)

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